2664894 Lance Corporal Richard Wilson 1st Bn Coldstream Guards.

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    Many thanks, I've just joined, searching for information on my uncle Richard Wilson 2664894 Lance Corporal, 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards. Killed in action 1st April 1945, in Enschede, one of the first tanks to be hit by enemy fire. Richard is buried in Eastern Cemetery, Enschede, is there anyone, who had family members who were in the first assault on Enschede, on the 1st of April 1945.
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    Welcome aboard, this is a great place to get help. Experience shows that after a "Hello" it is best to start your own thread, with as much information as you can provide. Then the experts can help. Your uncle being an 'Other Rank' may not feature, unless he won a medal; it is likely somewhere the 1st Battalion movements will be covered or known about.

    Put your thread in the section Searching for Someone & Military Genealogy.

    Just had a quick look for the Dutch town Enschede and there is a mention in this slightly long, very appropriate thread: 1st Armoured Battalion Coldstream Guards, 1944-45

    Better is: Who liberated Enschede, Holland ? Coldstream Guards Posts for 1/4/1945 appear to be: 17,19, 29, 39, 40, 42, and 49-51. There are several posts by people discovering the site in the last few years.

    Try Coldstream Guards troop numbers on tanks; help needed and the opening post is by a local whose focus is that day.

    Then a thread on a very brave officer that day: 243807 Robert Thomas BOSCAWEN, MC, 1 Coldstream Guards in which your uncle's name appears.

    Using your uncle's service number there are a small number of threads, mainly by dbf whose speciality is the Coldstream Guards: War Diary: 1st (Armoured) Battalion COLDSTREAM GUARDS, 1944
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    Hi David thank to for the welcome, l have found out a lot about my uncle Richard over the past couple of years, l know he is buried in Enschede, and have photos of his grave, along with about a dozen other graves in one section of the cemetery. I'm assuming they are all Coldstream Guards men. I'm also in correspondence with a man who live in Enschede, who tends war graves and puts flowers on Richard's grave on my behalf. He also sent me photos, Thanks for the information, I'll get as much info as l can for my next post, l am a member of ancestry co. uk so that might help. Cheers David
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Ancestry may help, though it is not a facility I use. There are critics here who warn against accepting Ancestry have the official military records when they do not. Yes, there is a long wait for WW2 Army records, so best apply soon. Both points covered on PM to you earlier.

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