2657737 Albert HOPTON, 3 Coldstream Guards & Long Range Desert Group: 27/06/41

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    Casualty Details | CWGC

    Service Number: 2657737
    Regiment & Unit: 3rd Bn. Coldstream Guards and Long Range Desert Group
    Date of Death: Died 27 June 1941
    Age 24 years old
    Buried or commemorated at ALAMEIN MEMORIAL
    Memorial Reference: Column 54.
    Location: Egypt
    Additional Info: Son of Bertram Hopton, and of May Melinda Hopton, of Goole, Yorkshire.
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    I think he gets a mention in G Patrol book. I will have a look in my copy and post further.

    Steve Y.
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    From his regimental number Albert Hopton enlisted into The Coldstream Guards about February 1937. He would have gone to Alexandria, Egypt with 3rd C.G. in November 1937 and was awarded the Palestine GSM for active service October 1938/April 1939.

    The circumstances of his death are mentioned on P91 of “G Patrol” by Michael Crichton - Stuart, first published in 1958. He served in 2nd Scots Guards and was the first commander of G Patrol, LRDG from December 1940 to July 1941. G Patrol initially comprised 36 soldiers drawn 50/50 from 2nd Scots Guards/3rd Coldstream Guards both then serving in Egypt.

    He records that in June 1941 A Squadron, LRDG was reorganised into 3 six truck patrols. G and Y Patrols were joined by the newly raised H Patrol, commanded by Jake Easonsmith, late Royal Tank Regiment. He later became commander of LRDG and was awarded the DSO and MC. He was killed on the island of Leros in 1943. H Patrol comprised 50/50 guardsmen/yeomanry.

    On 19th June 1941 H Patrol set off into the Jebel Akhdar, Libya to drop off 3 agents behind enemy lines. On the morning of June 24th they were passing Mekili, Libya on their way back to their base when they came to a halt near to some derelict vehicles. A curious Gdsn Hopton opened the door of one of the vehicles and set off a booby trap bomb (IED). He was killed instantly and was buried on the spot.

    G Patrol were in the area again in early July, led by their newly appointed commander Tony Hay, Coldstream Guards (with Jake Easonsmith as a guide) and visited Gdsn Hopton's grave.

    I note that while Crichton - Stuart stated the date of death was 24th June the official record is 27th June – as is the endorsement on the Palestine medal roll.

    G Patrol was photographed at Kharga, Egypt in early February 1941 on their return from their first patrol – attack on Murzuk fort etc. The picture is reproduced on P168 of “Second To None – the Coldstream Guards 1650-2000” Although Gdsn Hopton is not one of the 12 Coldstream Guardsmen named it is likely that he was part of G Patrol from its creation.

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    Albert's plaque on family grave in Goole East Yorkshire. Date differs to that of CWGC
    100_2449 (Large).JPG 100_2450 (Large).JPG
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