2612922 Samuel James Hardy Steele WHITE, MM, 5 Grenadier Guards

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    White, Samuel James Hardy Stales [Steele]
    Rank: Guardsman
    Service No: 2612922
    Regiment: 5 Battalion Grenadier Guards
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: Italy
    Award: Military Medal
    Date of Announcement in London Gazette: 15 June 1944
    Date 1944
    Catalogue reference WO 373/6

    LG - Viewing Page 2853 of Issue 36563

    24th Guards Brigade, 1st Division, 6 Corps
    2612922 Guardsman Samuel James Henry Steeles WHITE, 5th Battalion GRENADIER GUARDS

    During the ANZIO Bridgehead operations.

    In the factory at CARROCETO on 27th January a stack of S.A.A. was set on fire by a shell and Guardsman WHITE, acting as ammunition storeman, and ignoring the danger from bursting rounds, put out the fire.

    On the afternoon of the 20th January intensive shelling from 15cm howitzers set fire to a dump of 200 gallons of petrol which threatened to spread to a dump of3" Mortar High Explosive.

    Nothwithstanding that the enemy continued to shell directly into the area of the fire Guardsman WHITE left a position of safety and started to shift the ammunition. While doing so he was blown up by another shell and severely injured in the legs.

    The courage shown throughout by Guardsman WHITE was of the highest order.

    Signed E.J.B. NELSON, M.C., Lieutenant-Colonel, Commanding 5th Battalion GRENADIER GUARDS

    Recommended for D.C.M.
    Granted an Immediate M.M.
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