25th Light A.A Regiment (R.A)

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  1. Steve Mac

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    Hello Paul,

    Apologies but I have not seen your posts until now.

    It appears to me that your Grandfather returned to the UK with the rest of the 50th (Northumbrian) Division on 5 November 1943, probably disembarking at Liverpool.

    He would have then been on leave, followed by training in East Anglia for post D-Day action in NW Europe. This is the embarked UK 1/6/1944. He would have boarded his sea transport on 1 June 1944 and likely land on Gold Beach on D+1 = 7 June 1944.

    It looks like his time at the front ceased on 17 August 1944, as he is SOS (struck off strength), posted to Depot RA (Royal Artillery) and then to 43 RHU (Regimental Holding Unit), before his next posting which looks like a Coastal Battery - but I can’t fathom which and where from what you have posted. If he had served a long time overseas he would be eligible for rotation home to the UK.

    As Mike indicates in the prior post, Churchill liked 50 Div and wanted it to remain in NW Europe. However, 50 Div had been at the front with the BEF, first British Infantry Division to fight in the Westerm Desert and then all the way through to Tunisia (including the Gazala Gallop, 2nd Battle of El Alamein, Mareth, Wadi Akarit...), assault Division for Operation Husky (Sicily), assault Division on Gold Beach on D-Day and the fighting all through NW Europe (including Operation Market Garden). Monty reckoned it had done enough and returned it home as a training Cadre circa 1 December 1944.

    Some of its units were sent to other Divisions, having been stripped of long servers and other men who were in the returning units who had not served long were sent to other units needing replacements.

    It looks like your Grandfather may have been an early part of this watershed.


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  2. stephen m

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    hello all.
    Am just trying to pull together a history of my Grandfather. Have sent off for his records.
    He was 25th Light infantry, 81st battalion, C company.Taken prisoner of War 1st june 1942, escaped into Switzerland November 1943,rerpatriated 1944, Nov I think.
    Anyone know more about the battle, or had similar history re POW?
  3. Mike Leonard

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    Hi Taffy. I’m only just resuming research of my maternal Grandfather’s war service with 82 Battery 25th LAA Regt after a break of several years. I’ve seen this evening your question about ‘42 onwards. Clearly the two men would have been comrades. I’m also aware of another member of 82 Battery by name, having been contacted by his daughter when The Liverpool Echo agreed to publish a letter of mine seeking veterans. This letter was at the suggestion of WW2Talk member Steve Mac.
  4. Mike Leonard

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    (cont.) I think 82 Battery went in 90 minutes after the first troops ashore, with self propelled Bofors guns. My Grandfather told me many years ago that he went in on a Jeep. Water that had been ankle deep was by then very deeply rutted by tank tracks. I realise that like me, you haven’t posted for a long time, but I plan to be active again in coming weeks and months so if you see this at some stage, feel free to ask about any info I now hold.
  5. Les Goodchild

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    My Grandfather was 82/25th Regt RA and taken prisoner on 14 June 1942 at Gazala–Bir Hakeim line, just west of Tobruk. Anyone know any more information? He was shipped off to Italy and spent some time in a military hospital before being transferred to Stalag XVIIIa in Wolfsberg Austria in 1943.

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