25th Dragoons and Lt Miles family

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    Hi my name is Sue. My Father was a Sgt Mechanic Driver Class 1..Sqd A with 25th Dragoons. He was none of the oiginal cadre put together from the 3RD Carabiniers. I found a photograph just before Christmas 2017 of part of 25ths in Ranchi India Oct 1943. I was astounded to see Dad on that photograph. Tonight I looked again via this web site at the photo and realised Dad was next to Lt Miles.....third and fourth from the right second row. Would love to make contact with Bernard Miles. It is more then possible our Fathers knew each other. I am also in touch with another guy whose Fater was also 25ths. Would love to find any other relatives whose loved ones were with 25th Dragoon Guards. To me they are the forgotten unit in a forgotten battle of the forgotten war. Even the 25th Dragoons home at Edinbufgh Castle know very little about them.
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    Just posting this link here for general info to others as I had no idea who 25th Dragoons were - 25th Dragoons - Wikipedia

    If you find any details, names, etc etc I might be able to help

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    25th dragoons were in the arakan in 43-44. they were a massive help in the battle of the admin box firing point blank at jap bunkers.
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