25th Dragoons / 3rd Carabiniers Uniform, Burma

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    HomeCountiesBattalions Burma WW2 British Cavalry Reserch

    Dear WW2 Talk Forum

    My military knowledge is poor on this area.

    So I'm asking you for help.

    I am putting together an impression of the tank commanders uniform during the burma campaign.

    Of the RAC. 25th Dragoons/ 3rd Carbiners

    Due to the burma star association is closing its doors this year I would like to put it together for their memory and my grandfathers

    Anyone know where I can find the correct uniform ?

    Anyone could help I would be most grateful

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  3. HomeCountiesBattalions

    HomeCountiesBattalions Burma WW2 British Cavalry Reserch

  4. Peter J Heath

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    I've done quite a bit of research with regards to armoured units in Burma so here goes....

    I've attached a couple of scans (lo res to save space) from the old Osprey book on the Lee/Grant tank dealing with the 3rd Carbs. Also attached are two scans from Dick Taylor's book The Men Inside The Metal Vol 2 dealing with the two Regiments you're looking at.

    25th Dragoons - this is tricky as there is so little information but as the scan says they were ordered to remove any Brigade signs and serial numbers from their tanks (this order was made in Jan 1944) so of course they must have carried formation signs, therefore, but whether this stretched to uniforms is not known or indeed what formation sign it was. Potentially it could have been the Corps sign or 50th Indian Tank Brigade sign. Both of these can be found on the internet.

    3rd Carbiniers - at least we have a little more to go on but guesswork is still required. The attached scans indicate that they blacked their gaiters (and possibly their webbing too judging by photos). In terms of formation signs they did have a dedicated sign (tracks superimposed on a red triangle but there are variations of this too - I can provide more info if required) Now, having said that I've never seen in all my years of research it appearing on a vehicle or indeed a uniform. However, it was issued so must have been worn at some point....... We do know, however, that this was changed to the 14th Army sign which did appear on vehicles and therefore probably on uniforms as well. Reproductions of the 14th Army sign can be purchased so this may be the way to go for re-enactment purposes. The request for 254th Indian Tank Brigade to wear the 14th Army formation sign was made by General Slim himself probably following the battles of Imphal/Nunshigum but as my information source doesn't give a date this is guesswork on my part. You could if you wish add rank slides (for an officer) or 'tapes' to represent an NCO. With regards to tank suits (and I hope you don't mind my saying this Tony) but I suspect these didn't make it to Burma, I've never seen one in a photograph so I can't say this categorically but IF they did make to the Far East they would be a rarity. But, never say never...... I hope this helps. Any questions, please let me know.

    buywyze com 254th ITB.JPG

    3rd Carbs caption Osprey Book.jpg 3rd Carbs picture crop Osprey Book.jpg 3rd Carbs crop.jpg 25th Dragoons crop.jpg
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  5. HomeCountiesBattalions

    HomeCountiesBattalions Burma WW2 British Cavalry Reserch

    Absolutely fantastic I've been searching everywhere for details like this.
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    I'd go along with Pete on this one, I don't think the denim tank suit was used in the Far East - the light coloured overalls in the 3rd link are similar to ones that I have that are Indian made but I'm not sure if they are tank crew or just general overalls - there was a specific jungle tank suit but I think that was very late War, possibly even Post War. I should add Far East uniform isn't my strong point - I would say don't rush into buying a tank suit, hopefully others can confirm what the best options are.

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  8. HomeCountiesBattalions

    HomeCountiesBattalions Burma WW2 British Cavalry Reserch

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    This R.A.C. trooper is wearing Jungle Green and gives an idea of what was being worn in Burma. Original K.D. and Jungle Green airtex tunics and trousers appear regularly on Ebay and on militaria dealer's websites. Jungle Green is now becoming relatively expensive.

    rangoon 001.JPG
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  10. HomeCountiesBattalions

    HomeCountiesBattalions Burma WW2 British Cavalry Reserch

    Absolutely fantastic exactly what I've been looking for!
  11. HomeCountiesBattalions

    HomeCountiesBattalions Burma WW2 British Cavalry Reserch

    Hello WW2 forum

    Thank you to all who has helped me the last couple of weeks in finding the correct uniform details for the impression I am going with.
    254th Indian Armoured brigade (3rd Carbiniers)

    I found a gentleman that makes replica insignia at Montys Locker (Derek) that has helped me.

    I have a few more questions about the battle dress uniform if anyone could help me?

    Please see previous about Blanco.

    Many thanks to all who has helped
    I will show you the complete uniform impression soon

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