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  1. Gary Kennedy

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    At the outset of the war there were a large portion of gunners not authorised an individual weapon. The 1941 Field Regiment had 37 officers and 636 other ranks at WE strength, with 79 pistols and 170 rifles (at that date pistols were carried by motorcyclists and the RSM as well as all officers). By 1942 all ranks were being armed, and the last WE to show small arms for the Field Regiment (from June 1943) had 46 pistols, 340 rifles and 287 Sten guns. It seems that subsequently those personnel responsible for a light machine gun had that made their personal weapon, and gave up their rifle or Sten accordingly.

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    Depends on the time period. After Dunkirk a unit was considered well equipped if a third of the men had small arms. Later, as the supply problems eased, everyone had a personal weapon. In general terms, Handguns for the Officers, Sten SMG's for the senior NCO's and Rifles for the rest although some jobs required different weapons. As far as field units were concerned, most types of Battery would also have a number of Bren LMG's and PIAT anti-tank weapons for local defence.

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