257 Ambulance car Company RASC -War Diary April 1945

Discussion in 'RASC' started by Ravrick, May 28, 2021.

  1. Ravrick

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    does anybody have access to the above War Diary as I would be interested to find out if any mention is made of L/Cpl W Bourne (KIA) and Dvr J Hunt (Wd) on the 8th April 1945?

  2. Bruneval

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    Hi Rick,

    Just looking at the CWGC Concentration Records which shows T218066 LCpl Walter Bourne (KIA) on 8 Apr 45. The next line down has a T269211 Dvr James Hunt (Died of Wounds) on 11 Apr 45.


  3. Tony56

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  4. Ravrick

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    Hi, many thanks guys, I don't think I can get much more info other than requesting his papers. I thought I would drop a post on the war diary section as someone may have a copy of the WD?


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