25560 Thomas Godfrey Polson CORBETT, KT, KBE, MC, TD, (Grenadier Guards WW1), Royal Scots Fusiliers

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    Personal Number: 25560
    Rank: Lieutenant-Colonel
    Name: Thomas Godfrey Polson Corbett, KT, KBE, MC, TD, 2nd Baron Rowallan
    Unit: Grenadier Guards; Ayrshire Yeomanry; Royal Scots Fusiliers

    London Gazette: 2 January 1918
    G. Gds.—
    The undermentioned 2nd Lts. to be Lts.:—
    13th Sept. 1916.
    The Hon. T. G. P. Corbett.

    London Gazette: 9 April 1929
    Ayrshire—Capt. Hon.T. G. P. Corbett, M.C., to be Maj. 17th July 1928.

    London Gazette: 6 June 1939
    4th/5th Bn.R.S. Fus.—
    Maj. The Lord Rowallan, M.C., from T.A. Res. of Off. (Yeo.), to be Lt.-Col. 7th June 1939.

    London Gazette: 25 March 1943
    The KING has been graciously pleased to confer " The Efficiency Decoration " upon the following officers of the Territorial Army:—
    The Royal Scots Fusiliers.
    Lt.-Col. The Lord Rowallan, M.C. (25560).

    London Gazette: 7 February 1950
    R.S. Fus.
    Lt.-Col. The Lord ROWALLAN, M.C., T.D. (25560), ceases to belong to the T.A. Res. of Offrs.. 8th Nov. 1949.
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    Daily Mirror 16th August 1918
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    From Vol 2 of Ponsonby's Grenadier Guards 14-18.

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