249th (Airborne) Field Company RE on D-Day and Battle of Normandy

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    Hi all,
    I wish you an happy new year 2019.
    Who live near the Royal Engineers Museum at Gellimsham, in Kent ?
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    Une bonne année Xavier ... :)

    Regards ...
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    Came across some wounded sappers 249th (Airborne) Field Company, R.E.

    DNR Date Not Recorded/Registered(?) think those with DNR were wounded in summer 1944

    2003091 W/Cpl. Jermy, A.E. WIA DNR

    2161713 Dvr/i.c. Jones, G. WIA 10.6.44

    2074435 Spr. Schoolbred, A.H. WIA 10.6.44

    14601099 Spr. Birch, W.E. WIA 20.8.44

    1948465 Spr. Jones, T. WIA D.N.R.

    1888880 Spr. Beard, H.T. WIA D.N.R.

    14272964 L/Cpl. Bower, A. WIA D.N.R.

    2125916 Spr. Burns, J. WIA D.N.R.

    2154621 Spr. Hudson, J.F. WIA D.N.R.

    6300399 W/Cpl. Manser, E. WIA D.N.R.

    2113921 Spr. Tarry, R.N. WIA 18.6.44

    14272964 L/Cpl. Bower, A. WIA June 1944?

    2184282 Cpl. Copping, W.A. WIA 10.1.45
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    Where did you found that Brithm ?
    Fantastic information for me.
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    "Wounded Airborne Sapper's Gripping Letter: Shields Man in First Glider To Land in Normandy"

    When Sapper Frederick Shorey was convalescing from being wounded in Normandy he wrote a letter to Shields Daily News detailling his D-Day exploits at Benouville bridge. He was in Glider No. 2 with Lt. David Wood; Shorey would a few months later be killed on boxing day 26th December 1944 with fellow Sapper Preece.

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    Hi Brithm.
    I just contact with success his family yesterday.
    I think they didn't know this paper.
    Thank you a lot Brithm.
    If one day I finish to write my book, special mention for Brithm and Cee !! Two reincarnation of 6th Airborne Soldiers !!
    Thank you boys !!

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    Dear all,
    Do you have more information about this schema ?

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    I believe it is a drawing made by Captain Howard. Here's another version taken from a French site which describes it as "Le plan d'attaque du Major Howard". I'm not sure why he labels the various positions as he does.

    Le plan d'attaque du Major Howard.jpg

    Regards ...
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    Thank you Cee.
    What do you think of that ?
    Defense plan ?

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    It must be defence then as your diagram above was done by the same hand. Some of the writing is hard to make out and he scribbles out a portion as if those plans were abandoned? I see he mentions the use of Sappers for patrols if available.

    Regards ...
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