247079 George Henry Hubert LASCELLES, KBE, AM, Grenadier Guards, 7th Earl of Harewood

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    Personal Number: 247079
    Rank: Captain
    Name: George Henry Hubert LASCELLES, KBE, AM, 7th Earl of Harewood
    Unit: Grenadier Guards

    London Gazette : 10 November 1937
    borne by
    Viscount Lascelles

    London Gazette : 10 November 1937
    3RD CARRIAGE. (Glass Coach.)
    Her Majesty The Queen of Norway.
    Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal.
    Viscount Lascelles.
    Second Division, Captain's Escort.

    London Gazette : 3 November 1942
    The undermentioned Cadets to be 2nd Lts., 3rd Oct. 1942: —
    Gren. G'ds.
    George Henry Hubert, Viscount LASCELLES (247079).
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    Personal Number: 247079
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Name: Viscount LASCELLES
    Unit: Grenadier Guards
    Theatre: Italy
    POW Number: 247079
    Date of Capture: 18/06/1944
    Place of Capture: Perugia
    Camp: Oflag IV-C
    TNA Reference:

    George Lascelles, 7th Earl of Harewood - Wikipedia

    "Harewood was the elder son of the 6th Earl of Harewood and Princess Mary, Princess Royal, the only daughter of King George V and Queen Mary. At his birth, he was 6th in the line of succession; at his death, he was 46th. Lord Harewood was the eldest nephew of both King Edward VIII and King George VI and was a first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. He succeeded to his father's earldom on 24 May 1947."

    "In March 1945, Hitler signed his death warrant; the SS general in command of prisoner-of-war camps, Gottlob Berger, realizing the war was lost, refused to carry out the sentence and released the Viscount to the Swiss.[3]"

    Left to Right: John Alexander Elphinstone, Max de Hamel, Michael Alexander, unknown, George Lascelles, and John Winant Jr.

    Oflag IV-C - Wikipedia"Prominente"_and_notable_inmates
    At 1:30 a.m. on 13 April 1945, while the final battles of the war approached the area, the Prominente were moved under guard and the cover of darkness. The Allies and prisoners became especially concerned that the Prominente might be used as hostages, bargaining chips and human shields, or that the SS might try to kill them out of spite; they prepared for resistance and, if possible, to take over the castle. The Germans moved all the Prominente out of the castle, over the protestations of the other prisoners. When U.S. troops reached the area, the prisoners persuaded the leader of their guards, Obergruppenführer Gottlob Berger, to surrender in secret in order to save him from the revenge of the SS. With his aid they reached American lines a couple of weeks later. He would later receive a lessened sentence after his hearing in 1949 because of his actions regarding the Prominente.
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    Casualty List No. 1482 Dated 26 June 1944 - Italy, Wounded DNR

    Casualty List No. 1484 Dated 28 June 1944 - Correction, 1482 should read Wounded & missing believed POW 18.6.44

    Casualty List No. 1513 Dated 1 August 1944 - Previously reported wounded & missing believed POW 18.6.44 now reported POW in German hands (Germany)

    Casualty List No. 1783 Dated 15 June 1945 - Previously reported POW in German hands (Germany) now not POW

    WO 392/11
    Camp No. O4C [Saalhaus Colditz]
    POW No. 133760
    Name Lascelles, Visc
    Rank Lt
    Service No. 247079
    Regt GG

    WO 392/1
    Camp No. O9A [Spangenburg bei Kassel]
    POW No. H/133760
    Name Lascelles, Visc
    Rank Lt
    Service No. 247079
    Regt GG

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    Screenshot 2020-10-25 at 13.39.56.png
    Viscount Lascelles (George Henry Hubert was 18 in February)

    Tatler & Byastander 16th April 1941
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    BBC Radio 4 - Great Lives, George Lascelles, 7th Earl of Harewood nominated by Lesley Garrett

    George Lascelles, 7th Earl of Harewood nominated by Lesley Garrett
    Great Lives
    As Grandson of George V, George Lascelles was a first cousin to Queen Elizabeth II and with his distinguished beard and Nero style jackets, he was the very image of aristocracy, moving in the highest of royal circles, yet it was in the Royal Circles of Britain's opera houses that he felt most at home.
    It was at English National Opera North (now Opera North) that Lesley Garrett first met George. With their shared love of all things musical, and both proudly from Yorkshire, they developed a friendship that was to last a lifetime.
    Having survived capture during the Second World War (deepening his knowledge of opera whilst interned as a prisoner of war), he dedicated much of his time to making opera accessible to all. He strove to deliver the best of opera for everyone, with a genuine passion and commitment that inspired all those he worked with.
    During his career he served as Director of The Royal Opera House, Chairman of the Board of The English National Opera, Managing Director of the ENO, Managing Director of English National Opera North (now Opera North) and outside of opera he served as a Governor of the BBC and President of the British Board of Film Classification.
    His other great passion was football. He served as President of Leeds United Football Club from 1961 until his death and was President of the Football Association from 1963 to 1972. As Lesley recalls, he believed that both music and sport were 'levelling', that in these worlds there were no kings or paupers. Throughout his life he supported both of these passions, opening doors for everyone, instilling values of accessibility that live on till this day. He died on 11th July 2011 aged 88.
    Lesley is joined by Professor Alexandra Wilson, a musicologist, author and cultural historian, specialising in Italian opera and British operatic culture from the 1920's to the present day.
    Presented by Matthew Parris
    Produced by Nicola Humphries for BBC Audio Bristol

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