23rd Hussars, list of all officers?

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    True 8RB, but sadly I don't own this item. Wish I did. :)
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    Here's John and his wife Sheila (nee Dipple, married in 1957) arriving in London from New York, 24 Jan 1958, on the Cunard ship Saxonia. They had presumably been visiting John's father, who had become a US citizen in 1947.


    Added: I think his wife may still be with us.
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    Ha! Just found this. Looks like John was sharing digs with a former fellow officer, Capt John Mervyn Addison, C Sqr, 23H.

    Thurloe Square, Kensington and Chelsea, 1950:

    Addison was to become a well-known composer:

    John Addison - Wikipedia
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    3CB4FFA1-A019-4EB1-BF04-A48E68C4E8E3.jpeg Amazing! That’s some very thorough research on Weiner, indeed.

    The tailors/hatters label in Weiners C/FSC.

    I do have another C/FSC to the 23H, but unfortunately that example is unattributable.



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