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    232, 233, 234 Fd Coys and 235 Fd Park Coy, RE, were all in 50 Div, until it was reorganised into a Motor Division in 1938. It then lost the 149th Infantry Brigade (all Royal Northumberland Fusiliers) and a lot of the Divisional troops that were nominally attached to that brigade. Included within those Divisional troops lost was 234 Fd Coy, RE. They were sent at that time to Northern Command, along with the 506th Fd Coy (which I believe was the post-Munich crisis duplicate of the 233rd Fd Coy, RE.)

    They were II Corps troops as at 10 May 1940: https://usacac.army.mil/cac2/CGSC/CARL/nafziger/940BEAA.pdf. They would be allocated tasks by II Corps, not any of the Divisions therein, albeit II Corps could have attached them to one of the three Divisions for particular tasks.

    Unfortunately, I have no information on the 234th Fd Coy other than that earlier in this thread and here.

    Suggest that the 234th Fd Coy’s applicable War Diary may be the only source of better information and if none exists, the II Corps War Diary for the same period.

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