22nd Canadian Armoured Regiment (Canadian Grenader Guards)

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    My father, William Marritt, served in this unit from 1943 until 1945 and was injured on August 14th 1944 in France. He never spoke about his time during the war before he died. We were prompted recently to get his war records and are now trying to collect as much information as possible of his service.

    We have the war diary for the 22nd regiment but don't know what troop or squadron he served in. If anyone has any ideas of where else to look, I would be most appreciative.

    We are learning some of the interesting history of operations totalize and tractable and are off today to visit a few of these towns in Normandy.
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    Have you checked an excellent research book `History of the Canadian Grenadier Guards 1760-1964 ` written by Archer F. Duguid
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    There is a great deal of information about the build-up, training and campaigns of the Canadian Forces on the National Defence and the Canadian Forces website, especially amongst the AHQ and CMHQ reports (n.b. the dates are publication dates).
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    According to Patterson's 'Soldiers of the Queen', the regimental history published in 2009, Guardsman W.N. Marritt (B113961) joined the Regiment on 13 August 1943. I would recommend getting this book since it is extremely well illustrated as well as having an excellent map and description of the operation on 14 August 1944. Although your father is not mentioned in the main text, the book would make a great remembrance of his service. I bought my copy at Novel Idea on 156 Princess Street in Kingston, Ontario K7L1B1. It was $87.80 in 2010 but it is a 500 page large format volume with many maps and illustrations. It covers the Canadian Grenadier Guards from its inception until 2009.
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    There is a copy of Soldiers of the Queen on abebooks being sold by a shop in Cambridge. Just that one though.
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    As per usual....good on ya for getting to the detail.
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    August 14h was the beginning of a very busy week for the 2nd Canadian corp, and the 4th Canadian Armoured Division which included the Canadian Grenadier Guards. It was the opening day of the "Operation Tractible" which ended with the encirclement of the German 7th army in the Faliase Pocket. very intenseBattle and high casualties rates
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    Thats so much everyone for the detailed information. It was very helpful. I will go and get the book for sure. Cambridge is very handy. We had a chance yesterday to drive around all the small villages between Caen and Faliase and got to see many of the places that were mentioned in the Operation Tractible plans. Its really hard to imagine now this peaceful countryside being the middle of a battlefield.

    We were able to find most of the graves of the other Grenadier Guards at the two Canadian cemetaries and pay our respects.

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