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    My Father was wounded January 1945 at Wavreille in The Ardennes. Pte Wood A Coy 7th LI Battalion Parachute Regiment.
    He lost the lower part of his right leg to a Shu mine. He was treated by 225 PFA, would anyone know where I could get hold of his medical records after his wounding?
    He ended up at Roehampton Hospital after surgery in the field
    Any help would be appreciated
    Geoff Wood
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    Your father's medical records will be with his Army record.

    If you order his army record you will have to make sure to ask for medical record too as sometimes they leave them out.

    This may be your father here.
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    Hello Brithm,
    Yes that is him 100% correct service number.
    Who do I contact to get the records please?
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