22216003 James DOGGART, 3 Irish Guards

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    Name: DOGGART, James
    DOB: 06/091923
    Place of Birth: Belfast, Northern Ireland
    Residence: Belfast, Northern Ireland; Chelsea, Middlesex; Ploughley Oxfordshire
    Trade before enlistment:
    Parents: Hugh Doggart and Catherine Doggart nee Thompson.
    Wife: Kathleen L. Doggart nee Hawkins; married 1950, 2nd Quarter, Chelsea Middlesex; divorced; re-married February 1984, Ploughley Oxfordshire.
    7a9b1a22-66e8-4dbb-ac37-ac9d3b6c6126_zps23aabfd9.jpg GDSMANJDOGGARTOct19431200dpi.jpg
    Died: 03/11/1984, aged 61, Ploughley, Oxfordshire

    Army Number: N/K
    Service Number: 22216003
    Rank: Guardsman
    Regiment/Battalion: Irish Guards, 3rd Battalion, No. 1 Company
    As at 01/09/1939:
    Home Guard: Cregagh Road, Belfast
    Enlisted: 1943
    Promotions: C.Q.M.S.

    Army Casualty List (WO 417):
    The Times Casualty List:

    Campaign Medals: GSM with clasp Palestine 1945-48
    Medal Roll:
    WO 100/526 22216003 Lance-Serjeant DOGGART J 1st Bn. Irish Guards Palestine Clasp 1945 - 1948

    War Diaries:
    War Diary: 3rd Battalion IRISH GUARDS, Jan - Dec 1944
    War Diary: 3rd Battalion IRISH GUARDS, Jan - Dec 1945

    Archive Files: WO 100/526

    Publications: A Bridge Too Far, Cornelius Ryan,
    page 226 -
    "Lance-Corporal James Doggart's tank was hit. 'I don't remember seeing or hearing the explosion,' he says. 'I was suddenly flat on my back in a ditch with the tank leaning over me. I had a Bren gun across my chest and next to me was a young lad with his arm nearly severed. Nearby, another of our men was dead. The tank was on fire and I don't recall seeing any of the crew get out.'"

    page 228 -
    "Lance-Corporal Doggart had escaped from the ditch where he landed when his tank was hit. He raced across the road and jumped into an empty enemy slit trench. 'At the same moment, two Germans - one a young fellow without a jacket, the other a tough-looking bastard of about thirty - jumped in after me from the opposite direction,' Doggart says. Without hesitating Doggart kicked the older German in the face. The younger man, immediately cowed, surrendered. Covering both with his rifle, Doggart sent them marching back along the road 'with streams of other Germans, all running with their hands behind their heads. Those that were too slow got a fast kick in the backside'."

    See also-
    Company Commander: 102718 Major FISHER-ROWE Guy Edward, 2IG & 3IG
    James ‘Jimmy’ Doggart 1923–1984
    Irish Guards: Medal Roll Palestine Clasp 1945 - 1948 - WWII Open Resource Group
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    Corporal P DOOGAN's Squad, Irish Guards, October 1943

    Gdsn. J. Proudfoot; E. Carroll; E. Colethorpe; W. Barbour; J. Savage; C. Smith; N. McNulty, J. Reynolds; D. Johnstone

    Gdsn. J. Clarke; G. Garrett; R. Coppen; R. Southgate; D. Parle; Td.S. J. Murphy; Gdsn. J. Doggart; E. Price; F. Stewart; J. Mendes; J. Goaley

    Gdsn. M. Beattie; A. Greenhill; Sgt. E. Hough; CPL. P. DOOGAN (Squad Instructor); Sgt. W. Spence (Supt. Sgt.); Gdsn. D. Booth; B. Fogarty
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    This photo is from my Dad's album, from left: Jimmy Doggart, Dad & Bill Allister.

    This photo was shared with me by an ex-Mick who had known Bill Allister during his post-war service. From left: Dad, Bill, Jimmy.

    Both images were probably taken around the time that they were Corporal instructors at Lingfield, so just prior to the battalion's embarkation for Normandy in June 1944.

    All three men were from Belfast and served during the war in No. 1 Company, 3rd Battalion Irish Guards. Dad and Jimmy Doggart had been in the Home Guard together. They joined up at the same time and trained together initially in Northern Ireland owing to a 'flu epidemic and then at the Guards Depot Caterham. Bill had joined up some weeks earlier and his squad passed out in September 1943.

    Both Bill and Jimmy stayed in the Irish Guards after the war: Bill being promoted to R.S.M. and Jimmy to C.Q.M.S.

    Jimmy died on 3rd November 1984 in England, Bill died on 29th October 2002 in NI.
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    Jimmy Doggart is my Great Uncle, he is my Grandmothers, Catherine Doggarts much loved brother.
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    welcome to the forum and thanks for your post. If there's anything you have that you can add to the thread, I'd appreciate it. If your grandmother is still with us perhaps she remembers Terry.
    Dad was in contact with Bill up until his death, they ended up living a few miles apart in Co. Down, but only heard about Jimmy through him. Dad had tried to see Jimmy in the 1960s when the regiment was in Germany, but when he arrived at HQ he was told that Jimmy was out on exercise with the 1st battalion. Sadly there never was another opportunity for a meeting.

    From the quote in the post no. 1, Dad's section was on the tank immediately behind Jimmy's and remembered this happening :
    Their company commander who they'd got to know and respect since their training, was killed along with many others from the company in February 1945.

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    Again a big thank you Diane for his picture you've sended me a few years back. I featured it in my book about the battle for Valkenswaard.
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    Sorry Diane,

    Im only seeing this now, sadly my Nanny passed away in 2002, she always talked of "her Jimmy", she was so proud of him, Im sorry I cant offer you any more information than this, thank you for your welcome to the forum x
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    I forgot to add, Ive just bought Cornelius Ryans book, A Bridge Too Far, plan to start reading it in the new year. When I first read my Great Uncle Jimmys accounts it made me very emotional, sad and proud.
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    My Dad remembers Terry and Jimmy growing up on the Rosebery Road. They were best friends with his older brother Bill. Terrys father always blamed Bill for his son joining up. He will look out some photos.
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    Wow! Heard many a story about the Rosebery road!! Wish I could remember them.

    My grandad didn't speak to Dad for weeks after he enlisted but he eventually came to understand that my dad made all his own decisions, even the bad ones. ;) Dad's cousin - yet another William from Belfast - enlisted with the Micks in 1940 but 'left' for Merchant Navy and my granddad was in the Micks himself, joined in 1913, so he had a wee bit of influence there himself.

    Dad once said the idea of joining up happened when he saw a guardsman in uniform at the pictures. (Thought it odd he was in the flea pit along with the kids who'd paid a jam jar entry fee.)

    It's a shame Dad died before hearing from you. Would've put a smile on his face. Give my regards to your father.
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    Terry and J. Doggart, I think?
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    L/Sergeant J. Doggart on the left.
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    Hi, we’ve recently just come across this. My Grandad was Bill Allister, my dad (David Allister) still loves to tell me the stories that Bill, terry & Jimmy Doggart used to get up to during the war.
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    Thanks, great to read this. I will have to get some old photos and post them also sign my dad up so he can tell some of the great stories my grandad told him. :)
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