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  1. Skoyen89

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    I am trying to learn more about 220 Field Coy Royal Engineers. It served with 56th Infantry Division throughout WWII but details on its activities online are few and it seems that the War Diary for Kew is there for 1943 but only has records for May and June 1944.

    It would be good to know which of the three Brigades in the Division it supported as that may indicate the actions it was involved in and the Brigade War Diary may be useful as a proxy for the Company War Diary.

    I bought a small book called 'Oh to be a Sapper.....' by M Salmon as he served with 220 Field Coy but he left them just before it went to Italy having been wounded on 8th August 1943 in an accident in Tripoli.

    Any info or references I can follow up much appreciated.
  2. Gary Tankard

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    All of the diaries for 220 Field company are present for 1943-1945. The ones for May and June are when they were in the Middle East refitting. I have all the diaries plus all the brigade ones - which period are you interested in?
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    Thanks Gary. I must have missed it in the searches I did in Discovery. A friend in the walking group is interested in finding more about his father's war. He thinks he was with them most of the war but will send off for his records from the MOD to confirm. He was definitely there in Italy because he mentioned it and I can find him on the casualty list for Jan 1944 and he told how he was disabled towards the end of the war. Hence I am trying to build up a picture of the activities of 220 Field Coy and at the moment am mainly interested in 1944 and 1945 so those for Italy. Are the War Diaries 'basic' or are there attached orders, operational instructions etc?
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    If he was wounded in Jan 44, that would put him mostly likely on the Garigliano crossing which involved both 5 Inf Div and 56 Inf Div.


  5. Gary Tankard

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    They are pretty good as they go. For example, the January 1944 WD has the Commanding Officers report on the operation mentioned by Frank. For that the company supported 167 Brigade.
  6. Skoyen89

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    Thanks Frank and Gary. He was wounded on 19th January 1944 so that would put him in the Garigliano crossing. 167 Brigade were attacking Mt Damiano and Colle Salvatito if I have got it right. My friend said that he got hit by some shrapnel which bounced off the road. The Casualty Report says that he (and a couple of others from 220 Field Coy) stayed with their unit so the wounds couldn't have been that bad.

    I bought a copy of Salmon's book 'Oh to be a sapper' as he served in 220 Field Coy. He did from 1940 through to August 1943 when he was injured in North Africa just before the Company left to go (eventually) to Italy. he then went to Italy later with another unit.

    I've been reading Monte Cassino by Matthew Parker for an overview as this is not my primary area of interest, but it is hard to follow and seems to skate over the top. Need to look for something a bit more targeted.
  7. Gary Tankard

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    220 Field Company Report on the crossing:




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    Great find.


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