22 Special Air Service Regiment' (S.A.S.) & 1st Btn Parachute Regiment

Discussion in 'Postwar' started by bamboo43, Mar 10, 2020.

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    Well this wasn't my doing. They will have gone to a good home and the funds raised to a deserving party.

    Note, price realised at hammer fall, no commission or fees applied.

    Kind regards, always.


    PETER 22 SAS SOLD.jpg
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    Thanks Jim,

    I had almost forgotten about this auction. You are not wrong about fees, I recently acquired a nice group of four to a soldier with the 10th Liverpool Scottish in WW1. WW1 Pair, plus his Territorial Force Efficiency Medal and his Special Constabulary Long Service all mounted as worn. I was very happy to pick these up at the lower estimate, but with fees, VAT etc. ended up paying around 30% on top.
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    Well but for the coronavirus pandemic I had thoroughly intended to attend this one, and I must confess, 'twas the booze that attracted me.

    Fees seem to have climbed and climbed over recent years. For purchaser and seller a right royal pain in the bank balance, but I don't doubt that the folks who facilitate such sales need to make a living too. Prices up, fees down I say!

    I think there were some particularly high prices achieved by other items in this sale, a bit of "cabin fever" maybe.

    Next step is how the heck do I go and collect the hard stuff?

    Kind regards, always,

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    I agree with the cabin fever theory for sure. There were some big prices paid this month at both DNW and Spink.
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