21st century Dambusters (for all discussion on the remake)

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    The key to success will rely on a genuine interpretation of the established fully validated truth i.e. it will need to be as accurate as, for example, Saving Private Ryan which I believe was about that well-known event called 'D-Day'.

    Obviously this means that Hollywood (or a Hollywood-esque surrogate because it's bums on seats that count) will need to exercise a great level of self-control, much as that excellent rendition 'Pearl Harbour' (back by popular demand again here in the UK and shown on Channel 5 [I think] only the other day: riveting stuff with lots of 'grit' and very brave Doolittle Raiders flying off rather short Aircraft Carriers).

    This means that any remake of the 'Damquake Riders of the Apocalypse' must feature lots of those very nicely painted B17G Flying Fortresses, have the Glenn Millar Band appear at least once (none of that Joe Loss and his Orchestra, or whatever they were called, rubbish) and include Brad Pitt because he, and even his accent, very closely resemble that derring-doo chappie Guy Gibson.....and, of course, we mustn't forget Squadron Leader Gibsons dog ('Gibbo' to his mates: the chappie not the dog!) which we all know affectionately as 'Dandy the Beano Muncher'.........easy really......should have thought about it before.....oooooo, and a guest appearance by that bloke Stephen McQueen on the motorbike who managed to make a Good Escape to Switzerland by flying with ease over all that nasty barbed wire fencing stuff....or is he too old by now?.....:D
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    The original Dambusters will (IMHO) remain a classic. If a remake - even if it is not absolutely historically accurate - encourages a new generation to investigate/remember/be made aware of the exploits of those with a part in the Dams Raid, I'm not sure that will be a bad thing. Even if the film is cr@p.:D

    Although, Peter Jackson's recent offerings have been enjoyable, and I even like Stephen Fry!

    As for Steve McQueen, I saw a programme that intimated that he only got involved with The Great Escape on the understanding that he would be allowed to have a jolly on his motorbike!

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    Well chaps, I'm running a poll on my WW2 Blog and so far only 36% would like to see a Dambusters remake and the impression from Twitter is that most are a little unsure about the idea.

    Personally I have mixed feelings about it as the original is an absolute classic but I am confident they might just be able to pull of another great film.
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