21st Army Grp Artillery Formation Sign

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    Interesting Rob
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    In Major John Warings Identification Pamphlet No 1 Britsh Regular and TA formation signs no sign for a No 9 AGRA.....
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    The first one appears to be a modification of:

    Headquarters 21st Army Group.

    The familiar sign of Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery's Headquarters first appeared in September 1943. The badge worn on both arms of the battledress blouse of service jacket by all members of the HQ staff of 21st Army Group was two crusaders swords in gold, in 'satire' (Crossed diagonally), on a blue cross on a red shield. The badge was also worn by GHQ 2nd Echelon, 21st Army Group.

    HQ British Army of the Rhine.

    When HQ 21st Army Group was in August 1945, redesignated HQ British Army of the Rhine, the HQ 21st Army Group badge was retained by HQ BOAR.

    The second badge is not listed.

    I checked through RA formation badges too and there is no RA modification listed.

    Source: Formation Badges of WW2-Howard Cole.
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    One of the last messages sent by Monty to the 21st.

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