21st Army Group

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    Would anyone know where the 21st Army Group was based between
    9th October 1944. - 17th October 1944
    26th July 1945 - 5th August 1945

    Many thanks
    Tara x
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    Have you looked at the bottom of this page ?? - WW2Talk Trux 21st Army Group

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    Thank you for the link . However I do not understand it :( please could you advise.
    Many thanks
    Tara x
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    As you can see from this wiki link and the link TD has posted 21st Army Group were a large formation spread throughout France, Belgium & Holland in October 1945 and mainly in Germany in the process of disbandment in late July 1945.

    21st Army Group - Wikipedia

    You’ll discover your grandfather’s whereabouts via the CG regimental history I posted on your other topic.

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    It is a sub forum specifically created by member Trux that deals with everything concerning 21st Army Group - and if you search through the various sections of it you may find the answer to your question


    Follow Steves advice above



    The Red line in Northern Europe shows the extent to which 21st Army Group had driven the Germans back towards Germany by Sept 1944 - as you will have seen this group is large
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  6. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

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