21st Army Group Formation Signs, insignia chart

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    Hello all, attached is a chart of 30 Corps insignia which has been handed down from my Grandfather. He served with 30 Corps and was obviously issued/given this at some point. I was curious as to it's purpose as it is dated May 1945 and would be interested in your thoughts. Was it a recognition chart for the troops ? Bearing in mind operational security, would something like this have been issued ? or is it some kind of souvenir ?


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    Ah , amazing what you find out if you look properly !!!! I now know the relevance of 8 May 1945. I guess it's a souvenir then !
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    when i open it the image is very small

    any chance of a higher resolution copy?

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    Hi, I've seen this before..it is not a 'XXX Corps' insignia chart but one that was produced as a souvenir just after the war ended with badges of the 21st Army Group.....i.e. the Brtish units that 'liberated Europe'.....

    The XXX Corps badge is in the bottom left..the black boar on white circle.....
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    As requested, a better pic.
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