2120227 LACW Phyllis R Johnston (nee Davies) RAF

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    quick question for anyone who has a better grip on medal entitlement than me! so most of you!!

    my Grandmother served from 21-10-42 until 23-10-45 with the WRAF first as a Barrage balloon operator, then as a telegraphist.

    she served at RAF Killadeas in N. Ireland, RAF Honeybourne and at an RAF base near Milford Haven (could be one of many)

    we have her 39-45 War Medal but....

    not a defence medal. i thought 3 years service at home qualified. anyone know why she might not have earned it?

    think my father and i are going to apply anyway but i'm lost as to why she might not have got it in the first place


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    Probably just another cock -up.....my late wife got her full entitlement of 1939/45 Star - Defence medal - 1939/45 medal for her five years of service in the WAAF- doesn't matter what they did - but the time they served

    bet the records were lost in a fire which is a favourite tale

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    I'm no expert but perhaps end of full time service date 27th August 1945 as shown in 2nd document attachment is relevant to calculation of 3 year qualifying service from Oct 1942?

    Steve Y
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    if anyone has any idea where there could possibly be a photo of my grandmother in uniform, i'd be immensely appreciative!!

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