208 Field Regt India 45- 46

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    Recently received dads service records back which show he was in India with 208 Field from May45 to August 46.
    Reading through what I can find so far there were only 2 bty's but unsure of this. I know he was a driver of a Priest. If anyone has any movement details at all for 208 it would be appreciated
    It appears that he may have been involved in op ZIPPER

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    Thanks Drew5233. I have his service records and have done some research so far as I can online . It appears that 208 was one of the later units to be formed. I can only find 2 btys listed for them and it would appear that possibly both were towed guns and not S/P.
    The only reference I have to a bty is when he was moved to 100th Anti tank(Gordon Highlanders) 170 BTY in 1946.
    I note that you copy war diaries and appear to be a regular at NA. Is there any way of finding out what info may be in the unit war diaries prior to ordering copies ?
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    Regarding the content, not really. They vary greatly and I guess it's down to the individual officer writing them how good they are. Some can have daily entries with one line and some can have some good info. The randomness of them is why I charge by the page so you only pay for what you get so to speak.


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