202345 Captain John Francis WEBB, MC, Royal Army Medical Corps attached 145 Regt RAC

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    Captain John Francis Webb MC, attached 145th Regiment, Royal Armoured Corps, 21st Tank Brigade, 4th Division, 5th Corps, Royal Army Medical Corps.

    Awarded Military Cross.

    (1) During the evening of Fri. 23rd Apr. 43 some tanks of 145 RAC were knocked out in front of our posistions at 673394 and it was known that several of the crews were left badly wounded.

    Although darkness was approaching and uncharted mines were known to be in the vicinity, Capt. Webb, the RMO, immediately drove off to bring them in. In spite of the enemy holding the surrounding hills and mortar fire, Capt Webb succeeded in bringing in four wounded men. This action probably saved their lives.

    (2) On the 30 Apr. 43 whilst in action in front of the Dj Bou Aqukaz feature Lt. Munday with his troop advanced over the crest of 676415 and was engaged by A/Tk guns, which immobilised his tank and severely wounded him. All tanks were under heavy mortar and gun fire at the time. Capt Webb arrived at pt. 78 672410 and after a hasty conference it was decided that he would move forward on a tank whilst two other tanks gave covering fire.

    The party moved forward and when he reached the wounded officer. Capt Webb dismounted from the tank, applied mediacl aid and walked up the track with the wounded man to his White Scout Car. He then returned and collected two remaining survivors from the tank which was by this time on fire. His action in face of fire by the enemy saved the lives of these three men.

    Signed A.S.C. Gibson, Major. Commander 'A' Squadron.

    LG 8.7.43
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    Drew -

    thank you for that - Capt. Webb was quite the man - I have two main memories of him one was in the Gothic Line Battle when Lt Dring's Tank was knocked out and casualties were trapped - both he and Fr. Higgins were seen to be driving towards them in a very small Daimler Scout car painted white with the smallest Red Cross flag ever made - sitting on top both chatting away - half an hour later they were back escorting an ambulance full of wounded.

    The other was on a train to the Uk from Austria for demob when he came walking through our compartment - so we chatted for a while over a glass of Kimmel which had been frozen and thawed and was very potent by then .....

    He stayed in the Army and retired as Lt. Col.
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    Cheers Tom and thanks for the Orbit.


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