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    That's a shame, just looked, it seems the photo somehow got reversed. The "ink blobs" you referred to is a bivvie and hanging from
    the barrel looks to be either canvas or bedding. By the Ferrets are two man bivvies and a canvas tarp spread out.
    But thanks letting me know about the reversed photo. Will let Phil know.
    By the way how do you know of Wilf Harrison and John Empson?
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    Hi, resurrecting this thread, it's been great reading. Grandpa was frequently taking and getting photos developed and sending them home, his mum unfortunately left a load on a bus in Leicester after dropping her handbag. He was in H.Q Squadron 2RTR 1941 -1946 number 7921002 (George Tompkins)

    Anyway, I have photos from 2RTR in Baalbek - Lebanon, A Beirut Leave camp, Italy, Syria, Austria, 2 I'm sure were taken in Burma, plus random desert ones... My profile pic I think was in Italy judging by the state of them and the countryside behind. Not all have people in them, some are of local landmarks, some also have the location written on the back.

    I've posted a sample pic of some: Sample 2RTR photos.jpg
    My Grandpa on an armoured car (?): 2.GHT (2).jpg
    Also a Christmas Airgraph from 1944: 20200510_141019.jpg

    If you want any of them posting individually, or find them helpful let me know, I've only just started going through a huge tin of letters home, newspaper cuttings, Airgraphs, photos all sorts, its brilliant and fascinating.

    Hope this post works, this is my first one - Sarah
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    Sorry for not replying earlier, but I’ve been of the Air for a while. There’s a friend of mine who I served with would love to see them. He published a pictorial history of the Regt, from 1917 to the final amalgamation in 2014.
    The one thing he was lacking was WW2 photos, especially India/Burma, Syria, Palestinian and Italy. If you would like to contact him please let me know. But in the meantime post away!:D

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