2 memorials in Domfront, Normandy

Discussion in 'France' started by Owen, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. Owen

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    Saw these last week when we were wandering around Domfront.

    One to commemorate the bombing of the town 14th June 1944.
    rue de 14 juin 1944.jpg

    The other by the old castle to comemorate a safe house , that was unviewable thanks to a very large hedge.
    I must admit my youngest lad found this one , he said I'd find it interesting.
    safe house.jpg
  2. Damiano

    Damiano In the shadow of Monte Cassino

    Nice shots!!! D.
  3. Owen

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    I've seen a photo of US planes bombing the railway near Domfront, anyone have anymore info on the raid mentioned in that street memorial?
    I've just noticed it's 14th June today too.


    File:Normandy-barrage.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
  4. Earthican

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    Where possible, I love to exactly identify where an image was taken. Not much to see here, but I can't seem to stop myself.

    First the former rail yard, and then, the road pattern at the lower right helped me identify the area (attached).


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  5. Owen

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    Aha! Good stuff.
    I've just twigged that I drove along that same road in the lower right.
    The railway is all gone now.
  6. Earthican

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