2 Lincolns at Zuydschoote, 29 May 1940 - Map

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  1. Tom OBrien

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    I thought that this map from the History of the Tenth Foot might be of interest to those researching the 1940 campaign.

    Tenth Foot - map 3 - Zuydschoote.JPG


  2. Tom OBrien

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    And the narrative that goes with the map!

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  3. Ian Willey

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    Thanks for this, I am trying to work out who the 2nd Lincoln's was fighting with on the 28th. Even the Division would help

  4. battleofassche

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    Any mention of their activities for May 16-19 in the book. I have their WDs but not a lot there. Thanks.
  5. Rich Payne

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    The BEF units of course rarely knew who they were fighting and there seems to have been little post-war analysis describing the fighting in this area from both sides.
    This web site relates to the German destruction of Zuidschote as it is now spelled - British snipers prevented the German engineers from replacing the damaged bridge. It also gives a breakdown of casualties in the cemetery...maybe diaries / accounts relating to 4th Royal Berks and 1 Suffolks might give details on the opposition ?

    De 'Gauloise' in de Karabiniersstraat (Zuidschote): WO I én II | WOI
  6. Ian Willey

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    Mettle And Pasture, (great fairly recent Battalion history of the 2nd Lincolnshire's)

    On the 14th they were in contact with the 19th Infantry Division and the 16th was in the town of Louvain but was preparing to withdraw and the main bridge over the river Dyle was prepared to be blown.7.45 hours on 17th May the battalion arrived at Brussels and left mid-afternoon.

    18th May, helped troops from 4th Inf Div cross the river Dendre, Lance Corporal Hurst was awarded a MM for helping troops cross under enemy fire. German 7th Inf Div is tentatively linked to tanks seen in the distance just after this event.

    19th May 0300 arrived at Heldergem.

  7. battleofassche

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    Great... I will pickup a copy of the book on Amazon. Thanks Ian.

    Tom, any chance there are some pages in History of the Tenth Foot that would cover activities in detail for May 17-19 that you could scan?? Thanks in advance for any help.

    Seems there is no recommendation for MM for L/Cpl Hurst in the National Archives, but no surprise there.

    Recommendations for military honours and awards 1935-1990 - The National Archives
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