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    Does anyone have any information on the 2 Herts and their function/role in 9 Beach Group?

    I've recently discovered my Grandfather served with them until late July when he was transferred to the 2nd RWR as a replacement. Previously I had assumed from family stories that he had landed with the RWR on D-Day, turns out his records from Glasgow has proved different!

    I know 2 Herts were the Infantry element of 9 Beach Group and they came ashore at King Green on Gold Beach at H+45 but anything more than that is proving difficult to find (plus my house is full of guests right now so research time is at an extreme premium!!!)

    Any info would be gratefully received!
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    Thunder_ from_ Heaven, please see the attachments below.. Clive has provided a previous thread that is most use-full. View attachment 186293 View attachment 186294

    Will edit in time! Not turned out as one intended.

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    Stuart Avery In my wagon & not a muleteer.

    Edit, if you require any information from The 6th Border Regt, The 5th Royal Berkshire Regt, or The 18th Durham Light Infantry then let me know.. One will have a butchers.. The above pages are from the book below. Sorry that APPENDIX III is not that sharp. Its a shame because the maps & photos are.


    CCF07112016 (2).jpg

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