2/9th Australian General Hospital, New Guinea. Worth a read!!!!

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  1. spidge


    In the early days of the Japanese expansion plans, in the Pacific, New Guinea was the place to make a stand for the Australian forces.

    The attached link praises the work of the 2/9th Australian General Hospital in that theatre of war. The conditions were not only inhospitable for the troops, the medical teams worked under primitive conditions to save the lives of 1,000's of wounded soldiers, sailors and airmen. They to are beyond praise.........................


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  2. Smudger Jnr

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    Well worth the read. Thanks for the post, it really shows how bad the conditions were for those behind the front line never mind on the Kokoda Trail.
  3. spidge


    Yes Tom, terrible conditions.
    My thoughts were tilted towards these young nurses who would normally be working in beautifully clean modern hospitals thrown into these dreadful conditions and seeing the horrible extent of war wounds and disease.
  4. BarbaraWT

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    A really good read thanks.
    Remarkable achievements by the medical people. The humidity, rain and insects in PNG must have been so exhausting let alone the injuries. Interesting that the nurses in the photos are still smiling!

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