2/5th Bn DLI confusion

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    Can someone please help me to decipher the following information taken from CWGC?

    Lance BombardierRICHARDSON, ISAAC
    Service Number 4535197

    Died 29/07/1944

    Aged 33

    370 Bty., 113 (2/5th Bn. The Durham Light Infantry) Lt. A.A. Regt.
    Royal Artillery

    Thanks in advance for any replies.
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    It's a unit converted
    pre-war from infantry to Searchlight Battalion under Royal Engineers,
    then eventually to Light Anti Aircraft Regiment under Royal Artillery.

    So for WW2 the unit became 113th Light Anti Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery (formerly 2/5 DLI). L/Bdr Richardson served in 370th battery of 113 LAA Regt

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    Small write up on this link:
    113th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, The Royal Artillery - Durham Record Office

    113 light anti aircraft regiment ra | WW2Talk
    2/5 durham light infantry | WW2Talk
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    Thx DBF that's great information.
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    2nd/5th Battalion, The Durham Light Infantry (55th Searchlight Regiment) (T.A.)

    43rd Anti-Aircraft Brigade – 3 September 1939 to 1 August 1940
    The battalion was located at West Hartlepool at the start of the war with HQ and the 414th to 416th Companies.

    Service as Royal Artillery
    It transferred to the Royal Artillery on August 1st, 1940 as 55th Searchlight Regiment, R.A. (The Durham Light Infantry)(T.A.) with the 414th to 416th Batteries. The 530th Battery was added on February 11th, 1941. It formed part of 43rd AA Brigade in February 1941. The regiment was converted to the 113th Light AA Regiment, R.A. (The Durham Light Infantry)(T.A.) on January 6th, 1942 with the 368th to 371st Batteries. The 371st Battery left on July 12th, 1942. The regiment arrived in France by June 25th, 1944 and served under the 76th AA Brigade in the Gold Beach area. It moved to the Somme bridges under the 106th AA Brigade on August 30th and to Ghent under the brigade on September 5th, 1944. On November 10th, 1944 it moved to Nijmegen and came under the 74th AA Brigade. It formed part of the 100th AA Brigade in December 1944 in the Weert, Deurne, and Helmond area. It remained attached to this brigade until the end of the war as part of the VIII Corps serving in the Rhine crossing in March 1945.
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  5. ww2 D.L.I 1/5th posted to Royal Artillery searchlight regiment 413/52 regiment. anyone know where I can find the path of this regiment please.

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