2/3 November 1944, 78 OTU. RAF Ein Shemar

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    Hi , looking for an aircraft loss for 2/3 November 1944, 78 OTU. RAF Ein Shemar.

    Possible casualties are :
    Sgt Dennis Burden - Alamein Memorial, Egypt.
    Sgt Edmund Carley - Alamein Memorial, Egypt.
    Sgt Kenneth Corton - Alamein Memorial, Egypt.
    Sgt Edmund Rees - Alamein memorial, Egypt.

    More interested in details for Sgt Dennis Burden Service Number 1819002

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    Are they all RAF personnel? Any RAAF / RCAF etc??
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    They are all RAFVR , I can't find a plane loss but all 4 are same unit and MIA so can only think it was an aircraft loss. There was a Baltimore lost in the area and the pilot killed and body recovered ( GODDARD, Harry - F/L (Pilot) - 47525 - RAF - Tel El Kebir War Memorial cemetery, Egypt.) but think the OTU only had Wellingtons
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    Yes that's me , covering all bases :)
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    4 killed were in a 78 OTU Wellington JA298 which crashed 30 miles WSE of Haifa , Flt Sgt Wheeler and Sgt Bowering were both injured. Thanks to Chris Goss 12 oclock high website.

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