1st U.S. Ranger Battalion, Training at Achnacarry, 1942

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    I visited the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, yesterday and
    viewed the "Photographic Record of 1st United States Ranger Battalion in training at
    S.S. Commando Depot, Achnacarry, Scotland," which is in the Lucian K. Truscott Collection.

    There are many splendid Signal Corps photos of Ranger training at Achnacarry, unfortunately, scanning
    of images by the public is not permitted. Nonetheless, I did have my camera and was able
    to take some decent photos of the photos.

    Major William O. Darby, MG Truscott, and LTC Charles Vaughan of the CBTC, Achnacarry, are
    featured in several of the photos.

    The attached resized image shows Lieutenant Alick Cowieson with Major William O. Darby.

    I created a Flickr album for all of my photos::


    U.S. Army Signal Corps Photo, Credit AHEC.


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    Thanks for sharing, do they all have captions?
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    Only a few have captions, Guy.

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    Is the Ranger named who is sat in the kitchen of his Scottish billet?
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    There is second Signal Corps photographer who has chosen an interesting vantage point.

    Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 17.52.18.png

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