1st Special Service Brigade Signal Troop, D-Day

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    Am researching a signaller of 1st Special Service Brigade Signal Troop, 1st Special Service Brigade (Commandos). This soldier was wounded and captured at some point early in the fighting. I have quite a bit of inforamtion from the Commando website and have a copy of the transcript of the diary. Some parts are vague and I would like to clarify a couple of things.
    The diary has this:

    6th June 1944
    Place: Normandy
    0750 - Capt. J.R. Alexander & 4 ORs landed on Queen Red Beach.
    L/Sjt Lewis, Sigmn McGregor, Carruthers, Sanderson wounded.
    0835 - Lt. Beattie & Bridger landed with main body of Troop.
    Sigmn Norton J., Pattas & L/Sjt Tasker wounded.
    Place: Ecarde
    1600 - Brigade H.Q. arrived at ECARDE. Lines laid to No.4 & 6 Cdos. Wireless
    communication all round.

    Would this soldier have landed at Queen Red Beach under fire, or by the time the main body of the troop had landed, would the fighting have been further inland?

    A family story mentions Pegasus Bridge. Is it fairly possible that a signaller could have been wounded at Pegasus Bridge and captured on the first day, or later?

    Cheers Mike
  2. Tricky Dicky

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    It would be easier if you mentioned which particular man you are searching for - I assume you are searching for Sanderson, or is it Tasker (as both are mentioned as being wounded)

    Any further details you have would also be useful so that members dont replicate what you already have

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    hi TD Sorry. It's Signalman 2328187, Duncan Stewart Wright, at least, I think that's my man. He is mentioned in the diary as being wounded on 6th? and by July known to be wounded in German hands. I'm almost certain 2328187 is the right soldier.

    These are from the Commando website Commando Veterans Archive | ͏

    Attached are two photos, the man on the right of the first is a Duncan Wright, and the man in second is definitely my Duncan Wright.

    Mike P Duncan Wright 3.jpg P Duncan Wright 4.PNG
  4. Tricky Dicky

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    UK, British Prisoners of War, 1939-1945
    Name: D Wright
    Rank: Serjeant Major
    Army Number: 2328187
    Regiment: Royal Signals
    POW Number: 80161
    Camp Type: Stalag
    Camp Number: IV-G
    Camp Location: Oschatz, Saxony
    Record Office: Royal Signals Record Office, Caversham, Reading, Berkshire
    Record Office Number: 10

    I notice you mention him as a Signlman, whereas the above record shows him as Sgt Major - thats a big difference in a short space of time. Am I also missing something here because Wright is not mentioned in your WD Extract in your post #1, so where is the connection ??

    You might be able to obtain his POW records - there are those possibly at TNA if he filled in a Liberation Questionnaire or somewhere on here are the details of the ICRC who also hold records of POWs during WW2 and other conflicts

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    He's mentioned on 26th July 1 Special Service Bde Signals Troop War Diary June-Sept 1944 | ͏

    26th July 1944
    Place: Le Plein
    Sigmn Wright D, previously reported evacuated with wounds, now known to be P.O.W.
    in German hands.

    Pretty sure Sgt-Maj is a transcription error for Signalman but have not seen original record.

    I am almost certain that the man in the diary is my wife's uncle, and the stories fit. If the man in the first photo is the same as in the second, that proves it.

  6. Guy Hudson

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    For confirmation

    Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 14.25.05.png
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  7. mikky

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    Thanks very much Guy, that's great. Would it be ok to copy that clip and post in on a local history Facebook page ?

  8. mikky

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    My wife, who is Duncan Wright's niece, has never seen the other photo(s) on the Commando website. She is concvinced that is her uncle. I'm as certain as I can be that her uncle served as signalman 2328187 Duncan Wright.

  9. Guy Hudson

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    The cap badge of the Commando in the photograph isn't Royal Corps of Signals. Have you applied for his service records, that would confirm what units he served in prior to volunteering for Commando service?
    Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 14.44.12.png
  10. mikky

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    Hi Guy. No, have not applied for service record, yet. Any idea what cap badge it might be. There was mention of Lovat's Scouts but possibly mixd up with the fact Lovat commanded the brigade. So a soldier would be in any given unit and apply for commando service, and if passed test would be posted to Commando unit?

    Any idea what the badge might be?

  11. Tricky Dicky

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  12. mikky

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    Thanks all. Yes service record required I think.

    Cheers Mike
  13. Guy Hudson

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    17/21st Lancers?
    His service number reflects that he originally enlisted in the Royal Corps of Signals. The cap badge suggests he was transferred to another unit. The casualty list stated Royal Corps of Signals.
    All would be confirmed with a copy of his service record.
    Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 14.52.37.png
  14. mikky

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    Thank you very much indeed Guy. That looks a good match for the cap badge, and much obliged for the extra info re Lancers. I think I have enough to go on to post on my local history page, on this anniversary of his date with destiny. I can add more as I find it and will order his service record soon.

    Thanks very much to all for your help.

  15. Guy Hudson

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    Good luck with your research, let us know how you get on.
  16. mikky

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    Thanks Guy, will do.


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