1st Special Service Brigade Operation Neptune

Discussion in 'Commandos & Royal Marines' started by Suzanne Vernon, Aug 9, 2017.

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    Thank you. I gather you knew what I was after. War Diaries - that's the ticket! :)

    The other info will come in handy, too, though.
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    Hi Suzanne - Am I correct in thinking you want some 3 Commando war diaries? If so what year or years are you interested in?

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    "Address of an officer who wrote to Joe's father after Joe's death:"

    I recognized the name of the officer Lt Len (Leonard) W Bridger and met him at the Standing down ceremony of the Commando Association at Portsmouth Barracks on 18 Sept 2005. Later I discovered from reading the 1st Cdo Brigade HQ Signals War Diary that he landed on Sword with an Advance Party of HQ Signals. He may in fact have landed with 4 Cdo at 0750 or 0755.

  4. Hello again.
    I'm still researching my uncle's military journey. What I am trying to do is help my father have some clarity of his brothers D Day fate and also be proud of his bravery. Do you know how he can contact Roy? It would make an 82 yr old gentleman very happy. Time is running out to find No 3 vets for my father to talk to. Can you help?
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    Hello again. I've been reading through all the info on the Commando Veterans Association pages - quite a lot there.

    I've contacted someone who's close to Roy and awaiting his response. When I was asking Roy about another man, I asked him about your uncle but he couldn't remember at the time.
  6. Thank you. Was Roy a No 3?

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    I've got numbers for you - I'll send them in a private message.
  8. Hello again ...wondering if any one has any private papers of Lt Peter Skelly Signals Officer? Or any other private papers from the Officers of the LCI( s )of Day landing on Sword Beach Queen Red. If not I will approach IWM. I have searched War Diaries. If there is any advice or help out there much appreciated.
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  10. Yes excuse my middle aged mind I was combining Peter Young with Lt Skelly. T N Skelly - I have already saved the IWM papers but wondered if any one had them already.

    Yup TN Skelly is what I actually meant!

    I will go ahead with my IWM order then. thank you Michel!
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    did you know what's mean this marking back of LCI(S) of 3 commando?

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  12. See my response to your duplicate enquiry here:
    Sword Beach.
  13. Hello to everyone on this special day of remembrance and thoughts. Can I ask if any one has had any break through with further clarification of landing table personnel of army commando for the LCI SMALL specifically for me NO 3 commando. I’m leaving the criteria loose as I’m leaning towards HQ BRIGADE SIGNALS.... but was initially looking for personnel on 501/293.. so just after any updates? Secondly does any one know who Lt LW BRIDGER was with at time of D Day ?
  15. Just clarification Lt. LW bridger was RM I THINK

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