1st Royal Sussex Regiment

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    I'll see if I can take a better resolution picture of the original so you can be sure. It's a tiny original photo and I took a quick snap on my phone which is why they're all a bit wonky too! It'll be great if it is your granddad, I love seeing people being able to put names to faces :)
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    Hi melchy thank you for responding I would be very grateful if you did

    Many thanks Stuart
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    Thank you very much melchy that's brilliant my dad is over the moon with this photo I should him...many thanks.
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    That's great Stuart, I'm really pleased to have been able to help out.
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    I was going through a few boxes of photos and came across a postcard from Saloniki in Greece, there were a few of the same place and they were all blank so must have been bought as a pack of postcards and brought back by my Grandad rather than posted. This one grabbed my attention:

    the more eagle eyed amongst you will probably see it but I blew it up for everyone to see something that my Grandad obviously didn't see, he'd probably have binned it if he had hahaha.

    It seems like a local Greek photographer managed to get rid of his stock of pictures with Germans in them by selling them among packs of regular scenes of the town to the unsuspecting allies. :lol:
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    Wow I love anything like this it grabs me everytime
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    Hi, I have just recently found out that my Grandfather served with 1st Battalion Royal Sussex Regiment between 1935 and 1949....I don't have much to go off, but was wondering if anyone knows how I might be able to confirm this and get more information on his service....His name was Alfred Tucker...Any help would be much appreciated
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    My dad Leonard Smitherman was in the 1 Royal Sussex regt from 1944 to 1966 when it became the 3rd Queens He retired after leaving the 3 Queens in 1969 then a stint with the SAS until emigrating to Aussie in 1971
    He died here in NZ in 2008 and I live here. I have his army records etc. ( my brother has them in Aussie). Dad only got to where he trained in Syria and the ship journey with King Peter of Yugoslavia. He did talk about some of what he did and where he was ie Cassino on his 20th birthday 3rd March 1944 and that he was in kavalla. Any information on how I would be able to access the war diaries listed above since I live in NZ. Are they online?
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    I have copies.

    If you could message me an email address, I'll try to help out.
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    Hi dada49nz - although I was only a lad at the time I remember your father Len when 3 Queens were in Lemgo. My father was David Russell, who was CO at the time. Small world. Best wishes to you.

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    I'm new at this, how do I message you? Couldn't find anywhere to send one!
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    Hi John, I remember your parents, didn't you have a sister? Best wishes to you.
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    Click my username (Charley Fortnum), which is below my avatar (picture) to the left of all my posts.

    This will bring up a small 'letterbox'.

    From there, click on the words 'start a conversation' and you will be taken to a separate screen.

    There, you can send a private message in the same way as you make posts on the board.

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    I've sent you a message back.

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