1st Royal Scots Fusiliers In Burma

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  1. I hope this forum might solve a 40 year search!,I am seeking a Photograph of;or that includes, Fusilier Reginald Thomas Sills,MM & Bar,A Company 1st Royal Scots Fusiliers,Who was awarded the 1st Battalion's Only Bar to the MM in 1945 having previously been awarded the MM for extreme Gallantry in Rescuing his Platoon Commander from under the Japanese Machine Guns whilst on Patrol,he repeated this act a Few weeks later,in similar circumstances & armed only with a stretcher as Cover he dashed to the aid of wounded Comrades staying with one mortally wounded Lad until he succumbed,the stretcher being riddled with Machine Gun & Small Arms Fire,he assisted in treating the wounded throughout the action,Local Press from his home town of Grays in Essex,failed to locate any NoK,or Contemporary Press notices of his award,the same story from Scottish Regimental Museum & Archive Sources,I feel that someone some where must have a picture that includes him with his comrades,taken in Burma or @ Dehra Dun in 1945~6;where the Battalion Returned to on cessation of Hostilities?Heres hoping,Thank You.
  2. I thought You might like to see The reason why I'm looking for a Photograph of Fusilier Reg T.Sills MM & Bar;1st Bn;Royal Scots Fusiliers!!!
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    I am guessing that you have already seen and read the unit War Diaries for the Royal Scots Fusiliers, but if not, here are the relevant references for there location at the TNA.

    1944: WO172/4914
    1945: WO172/7663

    These may give you something extra, you never can tell.

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    MM - SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE, 21 JUNE, 1945 - No. 3129401 Fusilier Reginald Thomas SILLS, The Royal Scots Fusiliers (Wickfield, Essex)


    Bar to the Military Medal

    No. 3129401 Fusilier Reginald Thomas SILLS, M.M., The Royal Scots Fusiliers (Wickfield, Essex).

    No. 9863 Havildar MOHD AKBAR, M.M., 1st Punjab Regiment, Indian Army.
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