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  1. Does anyone have any daily orders of the 1st hussars? I'm trying to find my grandfather's transfer into this reg't for all of July and Aug2-10 wounded in opertion totalise.
    I am trying to figure out what troop and sqd he was in during July and Aug. I am writing a book on his activity during the war for family.
  2. or better yet what documents would indicate what sqd /troop he got assigned to when moved between 25th CADR (CAC 'C') and 1st hussars. I'm trying to find out that as well.
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    Have you had any contact with the 1st Hussars Regimental Association? It would be my first port of call to try and discover what records are held there or at Regimental Duty given that the 1st are still active, if reduced to the reserve. Their website is here http://www.firsthussars.ca/#

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