1st Bn The King's (Liverpool) Regiment, Chindits.

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    Cheers for that. Devanney is certainly an oddity in that he clearly enlisted into the King's Regiment and the Dekho! notice makes it quite clear that he was 1/King's. I wasn't aware that he was on the first Chindit expedition, and indeed he may have been at Mogaung during Operation Thursday. He does not appear to have been wounded so he is not mentioned in the casualty lists. I wonder if he transferred to the 1st battalion after the 13th was disbanded.

    With regard to the late lamented buffalo, I do wonder why they went to so much trouble to skin it, as I imagine it would have made very good crackling. Obtaining some horseradish sauce may have been a problem.
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    The newspaper articles on my story page suggest that Devanney was on Longcloth, but I'm not 100% sure about that HW. Halton definitely was, but the connection with the two is really only that they both come from St. Helens. As you say, an oddity.
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    The Dekho! notice of his passing is quite clear about which regiment he belonged to. I could understand the confusion if he had been a member of the King's Own Royal Regiment, as some people confuse The King's Own with the King's Regiment. but the Lancashire Fusiliers aren't even close, except of course geographically.

    Devanney Dekho! 003.JPG

    With regard to the newspaper accounts, the small article that you have on your website is from a Glasgow newspaper and is a summary of the main Liverpool Daily Post article. The fuller article seems to be a mixture of Devanney telling tall tales or the reporter either misunderstanding or exaggerating what Devanney said, particularly with regard to being "dropped repeatedly in the jungle on special work".
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    Sergeant William Rowson (33), of the King's Regiment (Liverpool), of West Derby Road, Liverpool, died of wounds in an Indian theatre of war. He was an old boy of Emanuel School, Mill Road, Everton.

    Liverpool Evening Express. 26th May 1944.

    Mrs. J. Rowson, of 12 Phoebe Ann Street, Liverpool, has been informed that her husband, William George Edmund Rowson, has died of wounds received in the Indian theatre of war.
    Sgt Rowson, aged 33, was in the King's Liverpool T.A. before the war and later transferred.

    The Liverpool Echo. 16th June 1944.

    More King's 002.JPG

    Sgt. William George Edmund Rowson. 1st battalion, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). Died 29th April, 1944. Buried in the Ranchi War Cemetery, India.

    It would be interesting to know when he transferred from the King's to the Cameronians. Did he take part in the retreat from Burma in 1942?
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    Another King's Regiment officer killed in action in Burma whilst attached to another regiment.

    242727. Lieutenant Daniel Bernard Gerald Coakley, King's Liverpool Regiment, attached 1st battalion Somerset Light Infantry. Killed in action 26th January, 1945, aged 22.

    More King's 008.JPG
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    11422553 Gunner Henry James Leonard. 118 L.A.A. Regiment, Royal Artillery. Flew into Burma 5th March 1944, Glider P.22. Reported Missing 6th March 1944. Captured by the Japanese 19th March 1944. Prisoner of War Rangoon Gaol.

    Royal Artillery Tracer Card.

    Henry James Leonard.jpg

    Henry James Leonard rev.jpg

    Prisoner of War index card.

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    5192574 Gunner Arthur Dyson. 118 L.A.A. Regiment, Royal Artillery, previously enlisted into the Gloucestershire Regiment. Flew into Burma 5th March 1944. Glider P22. Captured 19th March 1944. Prisoner of War Rangoon Gaol.

    Royal Artillery Tracer Card.

    Arthur Dyson.jpg

    Arthur Dyson rev.jpg
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    5570092 Gunner Cyril Kenneth Perks. Royal Artillery, previously enlisted in the Gloucestershire Regiment. Flew into Burma, 5th March 1944, Glider P22, reported missing 6th March 1944. Captured by the Japanese 19th March 1944. Prisoner of War Rangoon Gaol.

    The Royal Artillery Tracer Card gives few details.


    The Prisoner of War Index Card gives more detail.

    Perks (2).JPG
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    Here is one of those names that shows up the pitfalls of the various research documents in the public domain. In this case the Defence Medal Roll in the 1/King's War Diary. Under "C" Coy is listed 1811189 L/Cpl Smith. H.R. I had presumed that the Defence Medal Rolls listed those men who had served with the 1st battalion during Operation Thursday and who were still serving in 1945.

    The Royal Artillery attestation books states that he was posted to the King's Regiment on the 12th November 1944 and this is confirmed by his Royal Artillery Tracer Card.

    It begs the question, how many of the other men on the Defence Medal Rolls did not take part on Operation Thursday?

    Henry Robert Smith.jpg
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    A similar candidate this time from the "A" Coy Defence Medal Roll.

    Royal Artillery. 1526643 Pte. Frederick Stothard. His Tracer Card shows that he was posted to the Border Regiment on the 17th November 1943. The date of his posting to the 1/King's Regiment is not recorded.

    Frederick Stothard.jpg

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