1st Bn The King's (Liverpool) Regiment, Chindits.

Discussion in 'Burma & India' started by High Wood, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. Keith. Ryan

    Keith. Ryan New Member

    Hi, I just found out today my Grandad was with this regiment. John Ryan, I don't know much else yet.
  2. lionboxer

    lionboxer Member Patron

    They look to be wearing an Irish caubeen (hat). Maybe Inniskilling Fusiliers?
  3. Kenneth Berry

    Kenneth Berry Member

    Hi Lionboxer, The lady who sent the photos had asked her brothers and their brother had told them he was in Poona with his mate. I am hoping for an email ASAP. I am still more than staggered the number of people who haven't a clue about the Burma Campaign. Will let you know as soon as i get an answer. Best Regards Ken B.
  4. Kenneth Berry

    Kenneth Berry Member

    My Brother in law Married to my wifes sister Worked at John Browns As did his brother and father.. There is no doubt in my mind they were the top builders in the UK. While in Renfrew B & W. I worked on 7 Ships all Big Tankers. Non from John Browns. Cammell Lairds Liverpool, ??? Sunderland, ??? Newcastle sorry Senior Moment. They all came up to Gourock for their Delivery trials and the measured Mile. Usually only 2-3 days to find faults and repair as there was always a penalty for non delivery on specified date.Great Scot tradesman but to old fort getting into Steam Drums and crawling into pretty small and bloody hot areas. But what knowledge. He made me an honorable Scot one new years Eve.That was before i found out my Scots Relations. Best Regards Ken B
  5. Kenneth Berry

    Kenneth Berry Member

    Hi High Wood, Just noticed Steve has a note in my letter showing the Photos of Fred Thomson and Mate. He was Operation Longcloth. He died in Liverpool by the looks of it about a year ago. Regards Ken B
  6. Kenneth Berry

    Kenneth Berry Member

    Hi Lionboxer, Do you think his convoy could have sailed throuh the Meddy and Suez Regards Ken B

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