1st Bn The King's (Liverpool) Regiment, Chindits.

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    welcome to the forum.

    I have a J. Ryan, 14227779 whose name appears on the Defence Medal Roll, listed as serving with the H.Q. Coy.
    His service number indicates that he first enlisted into the General Service Corps before transferring to the King's Regiment (Liverpool).

    There is also a Ryan with no initial in the 1945 Dehra Dun A Coy photograph.

    If you find out anymore about your grand father please let me know. Do you have a photograph of him in his uniform?

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    many thanks indeed,

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    HW, I note you mention about the Defence Medal Roll. How were you able to access this?
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    the Defence Medal roll for the 1/king's Regiment is in their 1945 War Diary.

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    My Grandad was the brother of William Foster who died in Burma, I have seen a few references of him on these posts, I have recently aquired some photographs from my late uncle also William Foster known as Billy, We were all born in Wavertree in Liverpool, I know some of the photos are of William foster who died in Burma, Not too sure of the other person.






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    In the photograph of the soldier with the rifle he is wearing the cap badge of the Somerset Light Infantry. The photograph dates from the Great War as does the photograph above it. I cannot read the writing on the board in front of the soldiers but it should say who they are. I can make out 14 Platoon but if you can the rest it might be possible to identify them.
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    The Royal Naval ship G.66 appears to be the O Class Destroyer H.M.S. Oribi, she took part in a commando raid in Norway in 1941. She later played a part in the Atlantic campaign and rammed U Boat, U125 leaving her disabled.
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    The Great War group photograph is of 14 platoon, ? battalion of the Royal Berkshire Regiment. I cannot read the battalion number on the board.
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    Hi yes i read up on the Destoryer Oribi, These photos have been left to me after my uncle died, I knew about W.Foster from the Kings, but had no idea on the other photos, It is 11 platoon royal berkshire I can make out the number 4.
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    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. Only a week ago I began to research my grandfather's service history in detail. His name and service number was listed in a previous post:

    5111691 R Warwickshire Regt A Cpl Willis W A Coy DMR

    I am grateful for the incredible amount of information you have provided in these pages, which have answered a lot of questions about his movements post Dunkirk. William Henry Willis survived the war but sadly died in 1984. He was promoted to Sergeant in November 1945 prior to his journey home from India.

    I will first seek permission from the family but I can provide photos and documentation which will hopefully help add to the 7th Warwicks/1st Kings story.

    Many thanks.
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    IMG-20190508-WA0004.jpg Here's the photo of my grandfather William (Bill) Henry Willis, who transferred from the 7th Warwicks sometime after Dunkirk and served in the 1st Kings until the end of the war. It is my understanding that he was involved in Operation Thursday and his documents seem to support this.

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    Thanks for posting the photograph Ian. Good to see Bill here on this thread.

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    Thanks Steve, I also have a group photo that I think pre-dates the deployment of the BEF. It may contain some of the 7th Warwicks that transferred with him. The resolution is pretty good so I hope you find it useful.
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    That is a great photograph Ian. I have written about the draft of 7th & 8th Warwick's that were rescued from the beaches of Dunkirk in the summer of 1940 and then became Chindits on the first Wingate expedition in 1943:

    8th Warwick's at Dunkirk

    I wonder if any of these men are pictured above?
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    Thanks for the link Steve, it's a brilliant website.

    I think I have managed to ID the lad in the glasses on the front row next to Bill. I came across a newspaper cutting about Pte George Edgar Ford of the 7th Warwickshire - it is quite a poignant read. It is hosted on the Wartime Memories Project website and describes his capture on 27th/28th May 1940 and subsequent death in Stalag XXA.

    Another interesting thing I noticed was that Pte Ford was from Coventry. The fact that Bill was from nearby Nuneaton and at least one other on the list of 29 was from Nuneaton leads me to think some of those guys on the list may be in this photo.

    I have attached a document showing Bill was located at Dehra Dun at the end of '45. He doesn't seem to appear in the A Coy photo though.


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    Thanks Ian, the website has developed so quickly over the years. Keeps me very busy. I have only one group photograph of some Warwick's. This was from the collection of Alfred Nicholls (man with no shirt) from Stirchley near Birmingham:

    Pte. Alfred Nicholls

    Nicholls UK copy.jpg
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    many thanks for posting the details of William Henry Willis. I have updated the database to include his full name. I have previously posted the names of 30 men from the Royal Warwickshire Regiment who transferred to the 1/King's (see post 224 on page 12 of this thread). I cannot, at this stage, say if some, or indeed any of them, started with the 7th battalion.

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    Thank you to you both for all of your great work. The Chindits will never be forgotten.
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    The Burma Star Association membership forms are now online and I have found a few more names to add to the list. It seems that not everyone in the King's Regiment who joined the B.S.A. mentioned the battalion, or even the regiment on their application form. Whilst others almost give you too much information. You may have to use some lateral thinking when searching for an individual.

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    Thanks for the heads up, I can hear the floodgates opening as I write. Six new Longcloth participants already!!!

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