1st Bn The King's (Liverpool) Regiment, Chindits.

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    I do not have a James Dunn on my database for the 13th King's Liverpool in India circa 1942-45. But, as HW says this does not mean he was not a Chindit. Have you or the family considered applying for James' service records, this would be a good way of finding out with whom he served in WW2.

    The address to write to for such enquiries is:

    Army Personnel Centre
    MS Support Unit, P & D Branch
    Historical Disclosures, MP 555
    Kentigern House
    65 Brown Street
    G2 8EX

    This link to the MOD website might be of use also:

    Veterans UK - GOV.UK
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    I’ve got a pictures of him in the kings Regiment boxing team. We lost a lot of pictures over the years unfortunately I remember looking when I was younger! He may of enlisted to different unit ?? Thanks
  3. Kevin dunn

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    Was there an 8th Battalion ?
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    Hi Kevin,

    Yes, there was an 8th Battalion for the King's. I know that in 1942, small drafts of men from the 5th, 8th and 9th Battalions were sent to India and ended up with 13th Battalion at Secunderabad. This was just before the 13th King's were chosen as the infantry element for the first Chindit expedition.
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    Reading through the KLR history, it seems that the 8th (Liverpool Irish) Battalion became part of the No. 7 Beach Group in mid 1943.
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    Currently reading Back to Mandalay, by Lowell Thomas. Picked it up as some wrap around reading to the Chindits. Strangely written, but extremely interesting with a large amount of first-hand accounts in the build up to the glider landings on the 5th March 1944. Deals with the setting up of the 1st Air Commando and the relationship between Wingate and Cochran.

    A book useful to this discussion thread.

  7. High Wood

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    I have a copy with a slightly different and incomplete dust jacket. It was interesting to read something from the American perspective. It also contains several photographs actually taken at Broadway. I will post some of them in the Broadway show thread.

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    I'm glad to hear you have a copy HW. As you say, some very interesting photographs. I have found the American angle very informative indeed, a lot of myths and legends untangled and some important names mentioned.
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    I've just been reading this thread again. If anyone does has the 1st Kings (Liverpool) casualty list, might you be able to have a quick look for James Newton (3456855), please? On the 20th July 1944, was posted to X (ii) list and was admitted to Combined Military Hospital (CMH) Panitola, Assam, India. And before that, I assume he was still with 111th. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone has the time :)

    I'm also tempted to try and look at WO 172/4445, but is it worth it - does it include any details really of individual soldiers?

    Kind regards
  10. Hebridean Chindit

    Hebridean Chindit Lost in review...

    The latter is a monster and has rare snippets, name-wise, but is more an overview... no Newton in the MIA lists...
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    I seemed to recall you had cast your eye over this diary HC. I've never taken a look myself.
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  12. Hebridean Chindit

    Hebridean Chindit Lost in review...

    I copied over 700 pages of the stuff... placed aside with all the rest of my research, at the mo, me ol' Bamboo... :D
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    Kind of related to this thread, I've just been having a look at the Calling Blightly Films website. There seems to be two 1st bn Kings soldiers on there, one of which has more details than the other. I wonder if we can find more details for Pte Lynch and submit them for their website.
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    Sadly, being on the film is the only info available for both Chadwick and Lynch at the moment.
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    The soldier introducing him says, "And now Mrs Lynch here is your son, err, Richard".

    Both men are on my spread sheet and I have a note against Chadwick's entry which states that there is also a T. Lynch, 14847947, one number higher than Lynch's service number, on a list of men that transferred from the 13th King's to the 1st battalion. It may be his brother.
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    James Newton does not appear on the Casualty List but does appear on the A Coy Defence Medal Roll and in the A Coy Dehra Dun photograph. I think that he would only appear in the Casualty List if he was either wounded or KiA, DoW, etc. I have examples of men flown out sick who do not appear on the Casualty List despite being mentioned in the daily radio messages.

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    Thanks Simon. He contracted malaria whilst in Burma, so that might have been the reason he was evacuated. So probably not something that would have been recorded. I think I’m at the end of my research into grandad now, although I keep hoping to find a new lead or more information somewhere!
  18. High Wood

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    this thread is about the members of the 1st Battalion King's Regiment (Liverpool) who took part in Operation Thursday. I am not sure what relevance Fred McAdam has to the King's Regiment other than that he was born in the West Derby area of Liverpool in 1919. Could I respectfully request that you start a separate thread about him as this particular thread has deviated somewhat from its original purpose.

    Many thanks,

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    Hi, I just found out today my Grandad was with this regiment. John Ryan, I don't know much else yet.
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    Simon, I've moved Ken's posts here .
    ken's research thread

    Now we'll keep this one for info on 1st King's only.

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