1st Bn KOYLI Anzio March 1944

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    I'm researching 2nd Lt Kenneth James Gibson of the above Regiment, KIA 22/3/1944, service number 276428. Does anybody have any information on exactly where the 1st Bn where on that date please? Thanks.
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    All I can get from the Fifth Division history is that 1 KOYLI & the rest of 15 Brigade had been in the ''Fortress'' area until relieved on the night of 14th/15th March by 13 Brigade and came back into reserve.
    edit: On the 20th ... In the evening 15 Inf Bde relieved 17 Inf Bde ...
    Not sure where they were. Somewhere in the area of the Fortress & Lobster Claw.
    (the locations of those places are discussed elsewhere on the forum)
    Where they were on the 22nd I can't say as I haven't got the war diary , sorry.
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    Could I ask what your interest in 2Lt Gibson is?

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    Thanks for the contributions. I'm secretary of the Insurance Institute of Hull, Lt Gibson was one of our members. I'm researching as many as I can from WW2 for a book. I did the same for our WW1 Fallen a few years ago for our Centenary as an Institute.

    Fascinating work - we have a Spitfire ace, a Lanc pilot who survived 29 ops, and a Conscientious Objector amongst them.
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    Three years later and I find your post.
    My grandfather James Mcleod was serving with the R.E.M.E on the invasion of Anzio he took several hundred pictures of various subjects some of the original graves on the beachhead.
    On look in closer I can see the grave o fKenneth J Gibson .
    He is bottom right hand side what are the chances of this .
    I hope this helps keep in touch.
    Regards Peter 25CC874277844041AA70BCAF12D8BCC5.jpg
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    I can see the quality is not so good contact me and I will send a better copy.
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    Hi Ped61, (Peter)

    if you don't mind, can you please show some more of the (several hundred pictures) of the various subjects? When you upload a Attached File, it may be wise to not use the thumbnail option.. I would love to see them..

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    Lots of his Grandad's pics here.
    My Grandfather's War photos, REME, Italy .

    Stu, you do know that clicking on a thumbnail makes them bigger .
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    thanks for the link: I did not know of it! I will have a look.. Ha, Ha, why have we got two threads? Can you please merge them?:cool:

    Sometimes by clicking on a thumbnail is of not much use when it comes to old photos. I just don't like seeing them in thumbnail. Each to ones own..


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