1st Battalion, the Leicestershire Regiment in India

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    My grandfather William Stevens was a Sgt. in the 1st Battalion, the Leicestershire Regiment during the Second World War, serving in Egypt and the North West Frontier. He was stationed in Bannu, Razmak, Tanai and the Razani Camps.

    I think it would be interesting to share some information on the regiment's time in India during the Second World War. Anyone here have any relatives who served with the Tigers there at that time?

    (Also can anyone tell me why my grandfather would have received two seperate Indian General Service medals, both with the North West Frontier clasps of the same year?)
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    Have you got this book?
    ROYAL LEICESTERSHIRE REGIMENT, 17TH FOOT A history of the years 1928 to 1956.X::XNMP PublicationsX::XOther CategoriesX::XNaval & Military Press

    Did he go to Singapore with them?

    I haven't seen that book Owen, but it looks interesting, thanks for the link - I might try and find some reviews and perhaps buy it because its something I would definitely like to read.

    My grandfather didn't go to Singapore because he was injured in India and returned to the UK to become a guard at a Prisoner of War Camp. He was medically discharged shortly after but I have always been interested in the Malayan campaign as many of his colleagues and friends went on to Singapore and sadly died there.

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