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  1. Hi, trying to find out information on Private 6399794 Robert Shield of the 1st Royal Sussex. I know little, only that he served in Africa and Italy and was Mentioned in Dispatches. Can anyone please help or point me in the right direction. This request is from his son who is wanting to know where, when he served and any information on the MID award. Thank you in advance.
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    Once his family gets copy service records, they can confirm with which unit Robert Shield served and when. War Diaries or a Regimental History might be able to provide some details for a Mention. As far as gallantry awards are concerned most Histories tend to make better attempts, however fleeting, at including names, either in narrative or at the very least listed in the Appendices.

    Confirmation of MiD & Theatre via London Gazette : 11 January 1945
    Screenshot 2019-10-26 at 14.53.59.png
    Screenshot 2019-10-26 at 14.51.49.png
    If Pte Shield's name isn't mentioned in either the Diary or a History, try looking up the other names gazetted at same time for possible clues to specific actions or incidents. This can be especially helpful if his Company or officer's name is known. And, if the family still has copies of any regimental publications, check for annotations, cuttings, bookmarks.

    War Diaries held a Kew for 1 Royal Sussex Regiment, found via Lee's search engine:

    Middle East
    • WO 169/365 1 Royal Sussex Regiment 1939 Aug.- 1940 Dec.
    • WO 169/1748 1 Royal Sussex Regiment 1941 Apr.- Dec.
    • WO 169/5073 1 Royal Sussex Regiment 1942 Jan.- Sept.,- Nov.- Dec.
    • WO 169/10303 1 Royal Sussex Regiment 1943 Jan.- Dec.

    Good luck with the research.
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    1 R SUSSEX was the British Regiment of 5 Indian Infantry Brigade who were part of 4 Indian Division in Italy and before. If Pte Shields served with the battalion in both North Africa and Italy then he would have been at the Second and Third Battles of Monte Cassino.

    The battalion played a part in the Second Battle whilst up on Snakeshead a Ridge and suffered horribly as a result.

    By all accounts, under the command of Lt Col Jack Glennie at the time, they were a very good battalion.


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    If this chap did serve with 1 R Sussex then the war diaries do leave a small tear in your eyes. That also goes for all of the battalions of the 4th Indian Infantry Division that took a kicking in the Second & Third Battles of Monte Cassino.

    If you would like the War diary of WO 170/ 1478 1 Royal Sussex Regiment 1944 Jan-Dec then do say?

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    A Private Frank Burton Smith Casualty
    was killed in 1940 and is commemorated on the Dunkirk Memorial Service Number 6399784, just 10 earlier than Shields. He was with 5th Bn (Cinque Ports) at the time, so it's possible your firends father was also with 5th at Dunkirk.... That's why we always suggest obtaining his Service Records from the MoD well worth £30.

    '704 Sgt Ogg died of wounds on 22 May 1940 and is buried in Thakeham, Sussex, but he was 4th Bn......
  7. Hi Stu, thanks he definitely was with 1st Battalion Royal Sussex and would love a copy of the war diary. I have also seen a series of black and white photos which he has of the desert of North Africa which he took from an Afrika Corp officer when the officer was captured. One of the photos is of a close up Rommel with what looks like an Italian officer and with an Afrika corp officer in the background. I'll ask his son if I can borrow the photos and scan them in to put on this site. Regards Kyle
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    Kyle, I've started a conversation with you.

  9. Photo of Rommel taken from a German Officer POW by Private Shield 1st Royal Sussex. Scanned from Original.

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  10. Hi all, hope i'm doing this right, please see attached further photos scanned from originals from Private Shield 1st Royal Sussex

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  11. Just found the exact same Rommel Photograph on the National Army Museum website, belonging to a series of 147 photos from 6 albums. So unfortunately not a one off, but must have been a series of official photos taken and given to Afrika Corp officers. What do we think ?. The photo I copied from my friends dad collections is definitely an original from WW2.

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