1st Army - UK National Arboretum, 24th May 2012

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    In the spirit of its reputation as the one of the "forgotten" armies, I thought you may not have heard of this event, being held next week in the Midlands.

    I've been invited to join the event by one of my Dad's former comrades who served with him in the 2nd Bttn, London Irish Rifles in Algeria and Tunisia from Nov 1942 to May 1943.

    My father was certainly very proud to serve with the 1st Army - 126 of his battalion comrades are lying in peace in Africa.

    And of course, many thousands of 1st Army men did not return to their families.

    Date: 24 May 2012

    On Thursday 24 May, the 1st Army Association will hold their annual service of remembrance, followed by the unveiling of a memorial plaque.

    Time: 12 noon onwards

    Venue: Millennium Chapel and onsite

    1st army association
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    Great to hear that the 1st is at last getting some respect. Whoa, Mahomed!
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    Good to read the war cry of the 1st Paras in North Africa - spotted a man loading his car with Groceries and noted the 1st para insignia -in VERNON B.C. - so yelled "Whoa Mohamed" at him - he nearly dropped the groceries.....


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