1st and 2nd Royal Ulster Rifles

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    I wonder if any member can help me ?I understand that a video called, We Fought On D Day.has been made and is for sale,I have tried a lot of web sites .but sadly no joy.I would really appreciate any help I can get,regards B/B
  2. RJL

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    Hi BB

    I remember there being a documentary by BBC Northern Ireland called "We Fought on D-Day". Not sure if that's the one you mean or if it's available to buy.

    BBC - Press Office - We Fought On D-Day
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    hi rjl,thank you for answering me,that is the one I was referring to,I had seen on another forum which I am not a member off,that it could be purchased as one member was telling another member how to purchase it,but was going to do so through a PM,so I guess Im outta luck,was really hoping some member could help on this,it would have meant so much.
  4. Owen

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    Here's the website of the company that made it.
    Might be worth contacting them.
    BBC NI | DoubleBand Films

    WE FOUGHT ON D- DAY – 2004

    Using rare archive footage and stunning eye
    witness interviews, We Fought On D-Day
    recounts the previously untold stories of men
    from Northern Ireland – our own Band of
    Brothers – who fought for the beaches, towns
    and villages of Normandy on 6th June 1944 – D-
  5. bugleboy2323

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    thanks Owen I have sent them an e mail so hopefully I will hear from them,thanks for your input on this thread,as I know how busy you must be.B/B
  6. Did you get a copy? I have one which I bought from the BBC.

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