1st & 2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry

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    Hi Graham,

    Please forgive my chiming in on your post from (of just over 8 years ago) which I came across whilst doing my own research. I was wondering whether both you and Andrew (Trooper Harold Sykes' grand nephew) were ever able to locate the initial/temporary resting place of your ancestors near the church at Cheux? before their remains were re-interred elsewhere? I hope you were.

    No doubt Andrew's friend, who from his post around that time (lived near Cheux) was also able to take you and your family to the site down the road, where your great uncle's Sherman tank (which as you know, along with the other crew members - was commanded by Sgt Greenfield from 'A' Squadron, 4 troop - who along with Trooper Martin, had
    survived albeit badly burned) had succeeded in dispatching one, if not possibly two, of the Pz Mk IV's of the 4-5 such tanks present, that had lain in ambush positions in the trees, as your ancestors troop advanced on their objectives.

    These 12th SS panzers (from 8th Kompanie) had until the time of the intervention of your ancestor's Sherman, which position had caused so much trouble for the brigade advance since the previous day, and up to the point, had managed to hold up the entire advance along that route, blocking them from their objectives of Granville, Coleville & Tourville on that fateful day. Your ancestor and his crew mates, through their bold advance, and by taking out Hans Siegel's Mk IV (the Kompanie commanders tank) resulting in their own tank being brewed up, helped turn the tide of battle that day, albeit with such tragic consequences for all the crew.

    Lest we not forget.

    Best wishes

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    My grandfather was badly wounded 18/10/44 near veulen, he told me about his tank being hit by a shell and having to climb out under fire. He was very lucky to survive this and went on to have a great life despite his injuries. he marked the incident in his book.
    happy to share anything else with you.

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    One of my favourite old soldiers was the same. Some tight spots in a Honey then a full and happy life after. Very sadly missed from his spot at the end of the bar in the Royal Oak. What's your Granddad's book?
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    2nd fife and Forfar yeomanry book.

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    Lovely stuff. Thanks for sharing. Those maps with the twirly routes always remind me of the start of Dad's Army. :)

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