1966 World Cup Statue, Upton Park,London

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    1966 World Cup Statue, Upton Park,London

    upload_2018-11-5_22-52-0.png upload_2018-11-5_22-52-9.png upload_2018-11-5_22-52-18.png upload_2018-11-5_22-52-32.png upload_2018-11-5_22-52-51.png upload_2018-11-5_22-53-2.png upload_2018-11-5_22-53-12.png upload_2018-11-5_22-53-22.png upload_2018-11-5_22-53-32.png upload_2018-11-5_22-53-42.png upload_2018-11-5_22-53-52.png upload_2018-11-5_22-54-3.png upload_2018-11-5_22-54-15.png upload_2018-11-5_22-54-24.png upload_2018-11-5_22-54-34.png upload_2018-11-5_22-54-46.png upload_2018-11-5_22-55-1.png upload_2018-11-5_22-55-12.png upload_2018-11-5_22-55-29.png upload_2018-11-5_22-55-48.png upload_2018-11-5_22-55-59.png upload_2018-11-5_22-56-12.png
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    Should've gone next Sunday and got the hat-trick with the two world wars...
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    Very good. One I recently took of Robert Moore outside Wembley Stadium.

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    Great to see these. Thanks Gents.

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