1944 Video - 51st Highland Division, St Michielgestel

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    Brexit (or not), you will still be most welcome! Certainly during the commemoration activities!
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    One last question that you most probably know the answer to: do the 5th Camerons diaries contain any material relative to the fighting/liberation ? I thought they were heavily involved . I am also looking for more details of the progress towards and finally seizure of the Fort Isabella barracks from where the liberating troops had been shelled while liberating Camp Vught.
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    As with most war diaries the entries are fairly limited, giving the basic outlines and direction of attack. Likewise the official History of the Cameron's holds only a few lines. My Fathers main recollection was the family he liberated from their cellar along with the Germans holding them there and his chasing a few stragglers through the woods near and into the KampVught, when they went through the fence after the Germans they thought that they had entered a scrap yard, until they looked closer at their surroundings, seems that the Camerons lost their tempers a bit when they realised what they had found. Though it was near enough abandoned there were 1 or 2 unfortunates still there with nowhere else to go. I can send you what I have, my e-mail address is on my website.
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